Texas Tech University

Disillusionment Scale

11-­Item Marital/Relationship Disillusionment Scale

  1. My marriage/relationship hasn't gone quite as perfectly as I thought it might.
  2. I'm beginning to see my spouse/partner in a somewhat more negative light
  3. I'm beginning to see my marriage/relationship in a somewhat more negative light.
  4. Marriage is/was not as enjoyable as I had expected it to be.
  5. Our relationship has changed for the worst.
  6. I no longer really like my spouse/partner as a person.
  7. My marriage/relationship is no longer as important to me as it used to be.
  8. I am/was very disappointed in my marriage/relationship.
  9. I no longer feel quite as positive about my spouse/partner as I once did.
  10. If I could go back in time, I would not marry my spouse/live with my partner again.
  11. I feel tricked, cheated, or deceived by love.         


Instructions: When negative changes have occurred in their marriage/relationship, spouses/partners sometimes. To which extent do you agree with the following statements? (5‐point scale, anchored by 1 = Extremely disagree and 5 = Extremely agree).