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Human Development and Family Sciences

Bachelor of Science in Human Development and Family Sciences

Human Development and Family Sciences Texas Tech

The Human Development and Family Sciences (HDFS) program at Texas Tech explores the science of development across the life span with a focus on relationships – within the family and among peers and reaches beyond home, family and school to relationships and development throughout the lifespan. Biological, cognitive, social, emotional, environmental, and cultural aspects of development are studied in the context of their impact on growth, change, risk, resilience and well-being over time.

Authentic Learning, Service and Career Possibilities

HDFS majors complete a community practicum which provides the opportunity to fulfill 90 or 150 hours of service learning in a variety of settings while gaining valuable real life experience in an authentic training framework. Students intern in schools, child care centers, adoption services, youth development programs, nonprofit agencies, family counseling practices, retirement communities, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, probation offices, and group or foster care centers.

After completing their degree, Human Development and Family Sciences graduates fill a wide variety of positions in social service and educational settings, and work with local, state, and federal agencies such as Communities in Schools, United Way, the YWCA and Big Brothers Big Sisters as well as other advocacy programs designed for children, adolescents, families, and at risk or marginalized populations. Students in this program are also uniquely equipped with a foundation of knowledge that will enable them to understand and apply the family stress model, bioecological model, and systems theory approach as they pursue further study in nursing, allied health, and medicine. Students in Human Development and Family Sciences who wish to pursue advanced degrees are encouraged to engage in undergraduate research with faculty members in preparation for graduate study in behavioral and social sciences, education, social services, and law.

Family Sciences Teacher Certification

Family sciences majors can choose an option which includes teacher certification in family and consumer sciences. The specialization provides a background in all family and consumer science subject areas, a specialization in family studies, and a certification to teach in Texas public school systems grades 6-12. Students seeking teacher certification must meet all requirements outlined in the Teacher Education section of the college catalog. To be recommended for certification, graduates must achieve satisfactory performance on an examination prescribed by the State Board of Education (ExCET). 


Students minoring in human development take 18 hours of course work.

Degree Plans: