Texas Tech University

New Faculty Spotlight: Kyle L. Roberson, Family and Consumer Sciences Education

Hannah Fields

October 13, 2020

Kyle Roberson

Roberson's tenure as an educational administrator at the Federal Bureau of Prisons sparked his interest in Family and Consumer Sciences Education

The Family and Consumer Sciences Education program welcomes Kyle L. Roberson, Ph.D. as an assistant professor.

Roberson has a rich academic background, holding an Associate's in Technology from Pierce College, a Bachelor of Education in Adult Education from Bellevue University, a Master of Science in Family & Consumer Sciences Education from South Dakota State University, a Graduate Certificate in Developmental Literacy from Texas Tech University, and a Ph.D. in Family & Consumer Sciences Education from Texas Tech University.

Before joining the Family and Consumer Sciences Education program, Roberson was working at the Federal Bureau of Prisons where he served as the educational administrator for the Federal Correctional Institution Oxford in Oxford, Wisconsin. It was during his tenure there that he first discovered family and consumer sciences education and began researching the field more.

"My initial interest came when I realized the needs of the students I had when I was searching for a way to get alternatively certified as a secondary teacher," Roberson said. "I happened upon the Great Plains Interactive Distance Education Alliance (GPIDEA) alternative teacher certification in Family & Consumer Sciences. I researched what FCS was about and discovered that the curriculum aligned with courses, as an agency, we were teaching to the inmate population. It was a perfect fit and a certification I could best serve my current students."

As a GPIDEA student, Roberson's passion for family and consumer sciences education grew. Several courses through the program were offered through Texas Tech University, where he was introduced to the College of Human Sciences Family and Consumer Sciences program. His respect for the program and Texas Tech's standard expectation for students was something he eventually wanted to be a part of.

"I developed a good rapport with the faculty and indicated that when I retired from the Bureau of Prisons, my goal was to teach in higher education and continue my research," Roberson said. "Thanks to some planned happenstance, professional networking, timing, and blessings, I was fortunate enough to apply and be offered an assistant professor position just as my tenure with the Bureau of Prisons ended."

Now that Roberson is a member of the Family and Consumer Sciences Education faculty, he's most looking forward to developing a new network of friends and colleagues while enjoying learning alongside his students.

"I want my students to know how much I appreciate their individual goals and how we are all on this learning journey together," Roberson said. "I have a passion for Family and Consumer Sciences and enjoy the idea that together, we can all make a positive difference within our families and communities."