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Couple, Marriage, and Family Therapy Doctoral Alumnus Publishes Book on Qualitative Therapy Research

Ashley Brister

September 27, 2021

perez cmft ttu alumni

Carlos Perez leads Psychology and Counseling department as Chair at Lubbock Christian University

Carlos Perez recently published Integrating Postmodern Therapy and Qualitative Research: Guiding Theory and Practice, a book that integrates postmodern approaches to therapy with practices of qualitative research. As a graduate of the Couple, Marriage, and Family Therapy Ph.D. program at Texas Tech, Perez says he not only felt prepared to teach but was able to have a consistent research agenda because of his training.

“I always thought the qualitative researcher and therapist have a lot of similarities,” Perez said. “The way I approach qualitative research – from interviewing to data analysis – can all be articulated by postmodern philosophies used in therapy. So, it made sense for me to write about it and hope to enrich both therapists and qualitative researchers.”

Perez credits the program for its faculty, many of which he describes as some of the best researchers and practitioners in the field of couple and family therapy. He's taken many of the skills learned in the doctoral program in his current role as the Psychology and Counseling department chair at Lubbock Christian University.

“I chose Texas Tech's Couple, Marriage, and Family Therapy Ph.D. program because of the outstanding faculty and reputation the program holds. The Ph.D. program is known for training students very well in all areas of therapy: outstanding clinicians, amazing researchers, and great teachers.”

As chair, Perez enjoys working with students, participating in research, and growing his connections across campus. Looking back on his choice for his Ph.D., Perez said his choice was largely due to the program's reputation for excellence.

“The program taught me how to think and practice systemically, I can use those skills to chair a department,” Perez said. “Because the faculty have such high standards for students and the program, everyone graduates that much more prepared. Current and future students are lucky to have such a renowned faculty to learn from.”