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Family and Consumer Sciences Education Faculty to be Featured on the Sportsman Channel

Hannah Fields

February 12, 2021

Kyle L. Roberson

Kyle L. Roberson, an Army veteran, will be featured on season three of Army Buck Hunters – Force on Force

Family and Consumer Sciences Education (FCSE) assistant professor Kyle L. Roberson, Ph.D., is set to be featured on Sportsman Channel's show Army Buck Hunters – Force on Force.

Army Buck Hunters features veterans from all armed service branches and brings them together in friendly competition to test their marksmanship skills. Each season features eight competitors – four competitors from the Army Buck Hunters' national pro staff and four competitors chosen from Army Buck Hunters' members from around the country who participate in the organization's mission of Support. Defend. Hunt.

"This mission statement stands for support our veterans and non-profit organizations that support veterans – Folds of Honor, Returning Heroes Home, Heroes on the Water, and Trinity Oaks – by raising awareness and funds to their missions," Roberson explained. "The defend part is just that. All members are current or former members of the military that are willing to defend our country. The hunt aspect speaks to the mode by which we use the outdoors to offer an outlet for promoting the non-profits, providing therapeutic recreational activity for veterans and their families, and enjoying the camaraderie with our fellow veterans."

As competitors make their way through each round of the competition, they are rewarded with hunts where they have the opportunity to hunt big game. All meat harvested from the hunts is then donated to non-profit organization Trinity Oaks, where it is then processed and delivered to needy families. The competition and hunts take place at the 4G Ranch in Bigfoot, Texas, which is a major sponsor of Army Buck Hunters and their passion for giving back to those who have served the United States through military service.

Roberson, who is a United States Army veteran, joined the organization as a way to stay connected with other veterans who share his interests in the outdoors, hunting, and fishing. He was chosen as a competitor by being an active Army Buck Hunters member, helping spread their mission and story of the organizations non-profit partners and sponsors through social media and volunteering at fundraising events.
When asked what he enjoyed most about the competition, Roberson remarked on the shared camaraderie with fellow veterans and ability to showcase his marksmanship skills.

"The best part about participating was the camaraderie and banter that service men and women enjoy amongst ourselves," Roberson said. "Making fun of other branches is all part of being a veteran. It's all in good fun, and when it comes down to it, we have each other's backs, but any other time is fair game for poking fun. As far the competition goes, anytime your throw a competitive situation at most veterans, especially marksmanship, we thrive on the pressure and excitement of having the opportunity to showcase the skills we learned through our military training."

Season three of Army Buck Hunters – Force on Force will debut in April 2021.

You can learn more about the show, their mission, and fellow non-profit partners and sponsors here.