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Couple, Marriage, and Family Therapy Alumnus Jerry Gale Nominated for the Creswell Award

Mallory Collins

January 13, 2022

CMFT Alumnus Jerry Gale

After a lifetime of innovative and inspiring work, Gale received recognition from peers with the Creswell award nomination

Meaningful, helpful, and passionate are just a few characteristics that describe Texas Tech alumnus, Jerry Gale, Ph.D. He has impacted many former students and has left a legacy of educational and personal accomplishments.  

Because of his community involvement and academic achievements, Gale was nominated for the prestigious Creswell Award from the University of Georgia. The Creswell Award recognizes a current or retired faculty or staff member, who has provided leadership in motivating and guiding students. 

Before starting the Couple, Marriage, and Family Therapy doctoral program (formerly Marriage and Family Therapy) at Texas Tech, Gale worked in residential treatment, was a foster parent, worked for the juvenile courts, and ran a group home for people with severe disabilities.

His best memories from the College of Human Sciences include his time as a teaching assistant (TA), where he notably received the College of Home Economics Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Award in 1988. 

“Another significant event in my life regarding teaching was when I was a TA in graduate school, teaching interpersonal relationships to undergraduate students.” Gale said. “In seeking ways to make the class interesting and meaningful, I applied concepts from the text to the students' own lives.”

He had the opportunity to supervise classes while still finishing his degree and make great connections. Many former students enjoyed the unique way he taught them to channel thoughts and the power of positive thinking. 

“My experiences as a TA also instilled a passion and fire for teaching, which combined with my research interest in language and therapy,” Gale said.

His Ph.D. degree allowed him to incorporate learned skills and apply them to actual circumstances. Gale was one of the founders of ASPIRE, an interdisciplinary clinic offering services including therapy, financial counseling, nutrition, and home design.

“The courses and mentoring was powerful.” Gale said. “It instilled a strong foundation in systems theory and a curiosity for research and creativity for engagement.” 

Gale also participated in the Athens Crisis Response Team. In 2005, after Hurricane Katrina, Gale was the ACRT Director of Communication, where he led 95 volunteers to help evacuees in Rock Eagle. 

“My responsibilities included recruiting and assigning volunteers for three shifts each day, debriefing them, and being in daily contact with other service providers and the Red Cross,” Gale said.

When asked what it would mean to be selected for the Creswell Award, Gale said it would be a wonderful honor because he has always been passionate about teaching and service.

Congratulations Jerry Gale on your nomination. We are honored to be a small part of your success.