Texas Tech University

Vijay Hegde, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Nutritional Sciences

Email: vijay.hegde@ttu.edu

Phone: (806) 834-6695

Room: HS 401C

Department of Nutritional Sciences

Primary research interests are to discover effective strategies to prevent or treat obesity and its related comorbidities. The research is specifically focused on the E4orf1 protein of human adenovirus type 36 (Ad36). Additional research interests are to understand the higher risk associated with many forms of cancer among people with diabetes and/or obesity.

Research Interests

Vijay Hegde


B.S. in Botany from University of Mumbai, Mumbai, India in 1990
M.S. in Plant Physiology from University of Mumbai, Mumbai, India in 1992
Ph.D. in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology from University of Sheffield, Sheffield, U.K. in 1997


NS4320 Nutritional Biochemistry


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Nutritional Sciences