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Nutritional Sciences

Nutrigenomics, Inflammation and Obesity Research Lab (NIOR)

Lab Instrumentation

Contact: Lab manager, Shane Scoggin
(806) 742-5720

BD Accuri C6 flow cytometer- Four color flow cytometer for cell analysis

Luminex Magpix System- versatile multiplexing system which can be used to analyze multiple protein or nucleic acids in single sample with many commercial kits available from different vendors

Licor Odyssey CLx-  Infared imaging system compatible with 700 or 800 dyes and can be used for western blots, gels, plates, in cell westerns, small animal imaging, or tissue sections.

Bio-Rad Experion- An automated electrophoresis system which can analyze RNA, DNA, or protein and provide quality and quantitation of samples rapidly.

Bio-Rad Real-Time PCR CFX96 Touch- Real-time PCR compatible with sybr green or taqman assays and capable of up to 5-target multiplexing.

Bio-Rad T100™ Thermal Cycler – Basic PCR applications.

Qiacube (Qiagen)- Fully automated sample prep using Qiagen spin-columns for RNA, DNA, or protein purification using NI-NTA spin kit for his-tagged proteins.

TissueLyser LT (Qiagen) - Tissue homogenizer for fast and uniform disruption of animal and human tissues as well as plant tissues or or microbial preparations. Uses microcentrifuge tubes as well as stainless steel beads for use with the TissueLyser LT Adapter.

Cellometer Vision CBA- Cytometer capable of doing flow style analysis of cells with many cell based assays available including apoptosis, cell cycle, autophagy, and many more.

GloMax-Multi Microplater Reader (model# E7031)- 96-well microplate reader with built in shaker and multiple dectection modes including absorbance and fluorescence.

EVOS® XL Core Imaging System- The EVOS XL is a digital, transmitted light, inverted imaging system for cell and tissue culture applications and routine cell maintenance.

EVOS® FL Auto Imaging System- The EVOS® FL Auto Imaging System is a fully-automated, digital, inverted multi-channel fluorescence and transmitted light imaging system.

XFe Extracellular Flux Analyzers- The Gold Standard platform for metabolic assays, capable of determining in vitro oxygen consumption, glycolysis, CO2, mitochondrial dysfunction and fatty acid oxidation in real-time.

EchoMRI-3in1™: Instrument used to assess body composition in Live Animals (Mice), Organs, and Biopsy.  The EchoMRI-3in1™ is a QMR system that measures whole body fat mass, lean tissue mass, free water, and total body water in live animals up to 100 grams.

Other Lab Equipment
Microcentrifuges, Refrigerated Microcentrifuges, Refrigerated Centrifuges, Cell Culture room with hood and CO2 incubators, water baths, refrigerator, -20 and -80 freezers and other routine cell, biochemical and molecular biology instruments

Nutritional Sciences