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Enhancements to TTU K-12 as of September 1, 2019!

We've been paying attention to your suggestions, and we have made many improvements to our entire program.
Find out more about these changes below.

New Courses, More Variety, Many Improvements!

We have made significant improvements to our classes.

  • Similar look and feel of many courses
  • Common syllabus with assessments clearly defined
  • All final exams include test reviews

We are offering new courses for middle school and high school.

  • Principles of Agriculture, Video Game Design, Culinary Arts
    and Forensic Science (high school electives)
  • American Sign Language (high school)
  • Digital Art & Design (middle school elective)

Full-time Teachers

We have hired several full-time teachers to provide additional support for our students and part-time teachers.

  • High School
    • ELAR
    • Math
    • Science
    • Social Studies
    • Languages Other Than English
    • Electives
  • Middle and Elementary (k-8)

TTU K-12 now offers AP Courses.

TTU K-12 is excited to offer its first Advanced Placement courses, beginning Sept. 3. Look for:

  • AP English III (English Language)
  • AP English IV (English Literature)

These are academic year-based courses (not asynchronous), to prepare for the AP tests in May. Students may earn college credit based on the AP test score.

Based on the response to these initial courses, TTU K-12 may offer additional AP classes in the 2020-2021 academic year.

Our AP English III and IV courses start Sept. 3*.

*Instruction begins 9/3/19, but late enrollments will be accepted until 9/8/19.

Students, contact your advisor to register.

Counselors/administrators, request more information here.

24/7 Proctoring Available for ALL Courses

We are excited to announce the addition of the 24/7 online proctoring tool Proctorio to all of our courses! See our course catalog for a complete selection of courses.

Using Proctorio, students are able to take the online exam anytime, anywhere, once they are ready. This is exciting for our students (and parents) as there is no need to secure a proctor, collaborate on an exam time or travel to an agreed-upon testing location. See Proctorio FAQ's for more information.

Updated Grading Policy Regarding Course Finals and Other Assessments

We've been paying attention to your suggestions, and we have made many improvements to our entire program. For instance, our new grading policy has been updated to better reflect student mastery of course content. The new policy includes the following:

  • The course grade is 50% major summative assessments (tests, including the final) and 50% formative assessments (graded course assignments).
  • The summative assessments for each course are identified in the course syllabus.
  • Students enrolling on or after September 1 will no longer be charged for the retake of a final exam.

Stay tuned for more information on these and other exciting upgrades being made to better serve TTU K-12 students!

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