Texas Tech University

Enrolling Part-Time

Step 1

Obtain Approval

Students attending a public, private, or charter school should obtain approval from their local school counselor or principal before enrolling in a TTU K-12 course or Credit by Exam (CBE). Failure to receive approval could cause enrollment delays and may result in the primary school not granting credit.

Step 2

Review Our Policies

It is important to be familiar with TTU K-12's policies to ensure you are making the most of the program.

Review our policies
Step 3

Enroll in Courses

Click the "Enroll Online" button to view our course catalog and enroll online. Tuition and fees must be paid in full at the time of enrollment.

Enroll Online
Step 4

Order Textbooks and Materials

Required textbooks and materials for courses are an additional cost. TTU K-12 has partnered with MBS Direct to supply these books and materials. Students must create a separate account with MBS Direct to purchase their books.

If students secure books from another source or choose not to purchase books and materials at the time of enrollment, they are responsible for obtaining the correct edition of each book.
Order Textbooks

Congratulations on becoming a TTU K-12 Student! We're excited to have you and look forward to helping you succeed in your education.

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