All employees and student employees are eligible to receive their wages electronically through direct deposit. Employees are now able to sign up or update direct deposit information using Employee Self Service. Payroll Services encourages all employees to take advantage of this option. It is available online 24/7 (down only during payroll processing). They are able to access this through their Raiderlink/Webraider.

To make changes, add new account online, go to the Employee tab on Raiderlink/Webraider:

Select Update My Direct Deposit (Employee Instructions), and update Direct Deposit

For assistance please send an e-mail to

Direct deposit has many advantages to an employee:

  • Safe and secure delivery of wages to just one or even multiple accounts
  • No cash checking fees
  • Most banks will offer free checking with direct deposit
  • Generally funds are available at the employee's bank at the opening of the business day

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