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Annual Advancing Teaching & Learning Conference

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The 20th Annual Advancing Teaching and Learning Conference at Texas Tech University was held on Friday, February 9th, 2024.

This year, we are excited to feature Dr. Laura Dumin! Dr. Dumin obtained her PhD in English from Oklahoma State University in 2010. She is a professor in English and Technical Writing at the University of Central Oklahoma. Laura has been exploring the impact of generative AI on writing classrooms, runs a Facebook learning community to allow instructors to learn from each other, and enjoys talking with faculty about the opportunities for using AI in their own work and classrooms.

This engaging teaching conference has a well-established history and a strong reputation in our area. The conference pulls in faculty members, staff, and graduate students from our region including Texas Tech, Midland College, South Plains College, Wayland Baptist University, Lubbock Christian University, West Texas A&M, and others. Past speakers include Ginger Clark, Emily Miller, Peter Felten, Sandra McGuire, Stephen Brookfield, George Kuh, Diana Halpern, Josh Eyler, Kevin Gannon, Mays Imad, James Lang and others. 

Large Language Models and Academic Integrity: How they coexist

Watch recorded session (coming soon)

What are large language models and how can we harness their power in the classroom while still maintaining high academic standards for our students and ourselves? Come hear Dr. Laura Dumin talk about why learning and knowledge are still important in the age of AI, how we set academic integrity standards in our classrooms, and how to encourage students to come on that journey with us.

Large Language Models and Assignment Sheets

Watch recorded session (coming soon)

What are some ways to incorporate large language models into your classroom? Dr. Laura Dumin will host a workshop to help faculty think through where and how to incorporate AI programs into your assignments. Faculty are welcome to bring an assignment that they'd like to update or come and hear what others are doing to gain ideas for assignment changes. This workshop is great for beginner and intermediate levels of AI classroom integration.

Please share this with your colleagues, graduate students, or anyone you think might be interested in attending. We hope to see you there!

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