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The TeMPO Program

Teaching Mentoring through Peer Observation

The purpose of the TeMPO Program is to facilitate interdisciplinary relationships among faculty to discuss teaching and create a culture that will help foster the participation of all departments in more consistent and high-quality peer observation and review. TeMPO is co-sponsored by the Texas Tech Teaching Academy and the Teaching, Learning, and Professional Development Center.

TeMPO participants are paired with other faculty members across disciplines, and engage in reciprocal observations of one another's teaching during the course of the Fall semester. The entire TeMPO cohort meets several times during the semester to share experiences and reflections, and participants receive a $500 stipend for their active participation.

TeMPO is at its core non-evaluative and reflective in nature. The program is intended to offer participants an opportunity to exchange ideas with colleagues who share a passion for good teaching, build interdisciplinary relationships, and receive feedback on teaching effectiveness in a non-threatening way. The evaluations are not connected to the Tenure process, and therefore the program gives participants the chance to grow, reflect, and experiment without judgment. If you have additional questions about the TeMPO Program, please contact Dr. Shane Blum or Mitzi Ziegner.


"TeMPO is a catalyst for faculty growth!" -2022 Fellow


Testimonials from Past Participants

"So often, we get into our departmental silos and we get used to teaching one way or the so-called "preferred" way. The amazing thing about the TeMPO program is that you very quickly recognize that there are so many right ways to teach and you become inspired to try them all."

"If I had to sum up the benefits of TeMPO in two words, I'd say inspiration and passion. The process of observing and being observed (re)ignited the incredible passion I have for teaching and inspired me to be the best teacher I can possible be."

"I'm walking away with a full toolbox for sure! And the thing that is really astounding about all of this is that I couldn't have gotten any of this from professors within my department or from conferences and/or publications from within my field of study. I had to venture outside my status quo and TeMPO made that possible."

"I've grown in confidence as a teacher through the TeMPO Program."

"My experiences in TeMPO were fantastic. It allowed me to observe several different teaching styles, methods, and classroom activities that I can incorporate into my classes. Additionally, it was an excellent opportunity to have dedicated time a few times each semester to discuss teaching within all of the TeMPO cohorts. I learned a lot from the discussion with my fellow cohorts during these meetings."

“The program has given me the opportunity to be intentionally reflective about why I do what I do in the classroom.”

“I think what has shifted for me within my own pedagogical practice is thinking about teaching and learning from multiple perspectives. I think sometimes you get accustomed to teaching your discipline and not really engaging in education as a multi-faceted experience. It was refreshing to talk with someone not in my field that encouraged a more ‘back to the basics' conversation about teaching.”

“Observing another's classes and speaking with him about learner-centered vs. teacher-centered structures has helped me examine my own beliefs on that topic. “

“I didn't really have a chance to talk about my courses with other people, but this program gave me a great opportunity to ask questions about strengths and weaknesses of my teaching strategies. Instead of just reading students' or peers' evaluations, this program helped me to understand what I really do in the class. I also think this program encouraged me to prepare the classes more effectively. This program itself was an active way (not a passive way) to evaluate my teaching.”

You can find video testimonials here.

Applying for TeMPO

Applications for the next cohort of TeMPO are now open. Applications are due by 5:00 PM on Friday, September 8, 2023. For any questions, please contact Shane Blum and Mitzi Ziegner.

Who Is Elligible?

TeMPO participants must be faculty, professors of practice, or instructors from any department on the Texas Tech campus.  Graduate students are not eligible.  The partner pairings of TeMPO Fellows are ultimately non-hierarchical and all participants benefit equally from the experience.  Past TeMPO participants are encouraged to reapply.

Program Requirements:

TeMPO Participants will engage in the following:

  • Opening his/her classroom (this might be a face-to-face class or an online class) so TeMPO partners may observe their teaching two times during the Fall;
  • Conduct at least 3 observations of his/her TeMPO group members during the semester of participation;
  • Meet with his/her TeMPO group members multiple times throughout the semester to share observations and discuss feedback;
  • Attend TeMPO Program meetings;
  • Attend at least 3 TLPDC events during the semester, including one required session on the feedback process.

Fall 2022 Fellows:

  • Kristin Alder, Lecturer, Women's & Gender Studies
  • Elena Chudnovskaya, Lecturer, Professional Communication
  • Leslie Cuevas, Assistant Professor, Hospitality & Retail Management
  • Darrell (DJ) Gililland, Assistant Professor, Rehabilitation Sciences
  • Jenifer Gomez-Pastora, Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering
  • Jeffrey Harper, Assistant Professor of Practice, Marketing & Supply Chain Management
  • Smith Leggett, Assistant Professor, Petroleum Engineering
  • Jing Li, Assistant Professor, Hospitality & Retail Management
  • Susana Monreal, Professor of Practice, Theatre & Dance
  • Sharran Parkinson, Professor, Design
  • Erin Pumroy, Lecturer, Professional Communication
  • Adam Schmidt, Associate Professor, Psychological Sciences
  • Mathilda Shepard, Assistant Professor, Classical & Modern Languages & Literatures
  • Yanlin Wang, Assistant Professor, Classical & Modern Languages & Literatures
Complete the TeMPO Application HERE.

For questions, please email  shane.blum@ttu.edu & mitzi.ziegner@ttu.edu.

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