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ePortfolio Faculty Learning Community

In December, 2017, the Office of the Provost requested volunteers for an ePortfolio Faculty Learning Community to continue the work from offices such as TTU eLearning & Academic Partnerships, the Office of Planning and Assessment, University Career Services, and Information Technology investigating ePortfolios and their benefits to the university. The 2018 ePortfolio Faculty Learning Community members included:

Mara Driscoll
Genevieve Durham DeCesaro
Jennifer Hughes
Erica Irlbeck
Nan Li
Justin Louder
Angela Lumpkin
Rich Rice
Lindsey Slaughter
Marcus Tanner
Suzanne Tapp
Heather Warren-Crow

TTU will make the Blackboard ePortfolio tool available to faculty and students in Fall, 2018, and any of the faculty members listed above are willing to talk about their experience and use of ePortfolios. If you are interested in joining the ePortfolio Faculty Learning Community, please contact Suzanne Tapp, Executive Director, Teaching, Learning, and Professional Development Center.

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