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Student Shout-Outs

The following statements were anonymously collected from students across campus. They were simply asked to provide a sentence or two as a shout-out for faculty who are standing out in a positive way during this transition. Bravo all and thank you for your hard work. We know that there are many other wonderful things happening around “campus” and we are proud of you!

Faculty & Instructors

I would like to recognize Dr. Heisser for her efforts for engaging our Gender Development class into our course material. She not only has the lectures up early for us to view, but she records herself explaining confusing parts of her lecture. I really miss seeing her in-person lectures and I think she's doing a great job online!

Dr. Martin is using voice over ppt slides to guide us through statistics which has made comprehension much easier than I anticipated when I learned this class was going virtual. Her pace is great!

Malinda Colwell is a professor who deserves recognition for her efforts to ensure we are receiving the same quality of education we were before, as well as making sure her students are safe and doing well. In fact, Dr. Colwell is the only professor who has made such strong efforts to make sure we succeed.

Dr. Neli Morris has gone above and beyond for me as a distance learner. She's helpful, genuine, and very considerate about anything & everything she does.

Shout-out to Dr. Weiser who has been unbelievably supportive, empathetic, and patient with the first year HDFS graduate cohort. She starts each class by checking in with us and even provided opportunities for us to talk about our COVID-19 related fears and stressors (something I had barely given myself permission to do yet). It may not seem like much but just verbalizing it all lifted a huge weight off mine (and I'm sure the rest of the cohort's) shoulders!

Dr. Soloski has done an amazing job at checking in with us during each class meeting and adjusting the course to meet our new circumstances and needs!

Dr Button showed compassion and made this challenging time easier with her kindness and understanding. She showed us grace, knowing that students are often times also employees and parents with other responsibilities, especially during this "new normal". I am so thankful for her!!!

Dr. Courtney Meyers - she does an amazing job making sure we are understanding all of the material needed with youtube recorded screencasts going through each process.

Shout out to Dr. Courtney Meyers for continuing to be present & available despite the distance! Her use of multiple short videos makes it easy to get through a whole lecture without feeling overwhelmed.

Kap Sanders is doing an amazing job with this transition!! Excellent professor regardless of condition

My gender development professor, page Heisser, has been posting brief lecture videos on youtube and it's so much less overwhelming when I get to watch the video on my own time. she's incredible and I'm so thankful for her work to make this easier on her students!

Dr. Jackson!! Her dressing up & having an exciting background is so fun!

Ms. Holli Booe has kept a great attitude about online transitions and always brightens our afternoons when we are in our online class meeting!

Dr. Monica Marin has been incredible with our quantitative methods II class! She provides us with annotated slide shows so that we can go through them at our own pace, and is still able to include her jokes and personality in the annotations. By doing this, it helps the class to still feel somewhat normal.

To my MCOM 2310 instructor Katherine Champagne.

Mitzi Ziegner always makes sure to ask how we are doing and gives tips on what helps her with stress

I am so thankful for the work of all of our faculty to make this transition as easy as possible; I especially want to thank Dana Weiser for being so kind, patient, and flexible with her graduate students. She has gone out of her way to be available and responsive and mimic the feeling of getting to "pop in" her office for advice, questions, or even a quick chat. I am so thankful for her!

Dr. J in HDFS has been EXTREMELY helpful with her classwork!!! She truly is working so hard to make sure all of her students are still learning, yet not overwhelmed!!

Professor Mohammad Rahman is amazing. He is so patient and understanding. He is willing to work with anyone at any time. Even his emails about course work bring joy to my day. I need more professors like Professor Rahman!

The distance education team for the FSCE Ph.D. program are amazing. Although the program itself is DE they have been quick to respond and help with any concerns. Thank you all!

Dr. Parlos from Texas Tech Waco has been so thoughtful and mindful of this interesting time! She understands how hard and different this is for students and accommodates very well!

Big Shout out to Dr. Jocelyn Scott who is doing an amazing job at making class function as if we are still F2F.

Shout-Out for Dr. Cynthia Miller. Dr. Miller, you are the bomb! This is the best online class I have ever experienced.

Phuong Nguyen puts so much effort into lectures! She posts slideshows with her audio clips on each slide which is very helpful.

Dr. Courtney Meyers makes hard learning fun. She invests in her student's success.

Shout-out to Dr. Erin Hamilton for being available to her students as much as her students need! She is awesome!

My shout out is to Sarai Brinker, my Music and Globalization professor. She's one of the kindest and most considerate people I've ever had the luck of having as a teacher.

Dr. Erin Hamilton has been incredibly understanding and accommodating! She has asked each of her students to schedule a one-on-one zoom meeting with her once a week for 15 minutes any time in the afternoons M-F. So nice to have some flexibility during this crazy time! 15 minutes (or more) to ask your professor anything and to have them critique your work is incredibly generous.

I'd like to give a shoutout to Raynie Gibbs because she has been really understanding with us all semester, especially now with the switch to online classes. She is also great at communicating with us and sending out reminders for her class which is very much appreciated.

Dr. Hamilton has given nothing but support and guidance this year and it did not stop once school was no longer in person. She has helped me find my passion for Interior Design and life, I could not do this without her; Thank you so much!

I would like to give a shout-out to Kap Sanders for carrying over his charisma to the virtual classroom. He still does a great job explaining concepts even though he is not physically in front of us. He reminds us every class what we have due since this change is all so new to us and we are all so grateful for this.

Zoom has been really helpful because I can show my professor my computer screen, and they can even take control of my mouse and help me with things on my computer! So shoutout to all the professors who taught themselves how to use the features on zoom in order to teach us.

Dr. Catherine Nichole Morelock has been extremely helpful during these times of transition to online classes. She has made herself extremely available to answer questions and concerns for all of her students.

I love that some professors are doing live synchronous classes during the scheduled time of the class. This is really beneficial because it allows me to ask questions as if I were in class and it prioritizes the class for me.

I would like to recognize the efforts of Dr. Vanda Pauwels, she completed recording her lecture videos on Mediasite a week before spring break and was prepared with all her educational resources to transition from face to face to online. Her diligent work and care for her student's learning make her an outstanding instructor.

Dr. Jay Killough is awesome! He cares not only about the students in the course, but student well-being overall. Thanks for making me feel important!

Dr. Rogers has modified her class to make it really easy to manage online. She created a discussion board for us to share our self-care tips over the course of the rest of the semester and it's really uplifting to see how everyone is dealing with all of the new changes! Thank you, Dr. Rogers!!

Shout-out to the professors I TA for (Dr. Rogers and Dr. O'Boyle) who have been incredibly understanding, patient, and guide in helping me figure out what it means to be a TA in this new virtual environment. I know they are overwhelmed too, which just makes me that much more thankful!

Shout out to Dr. Courtney Gibson for hosting check-ins during the week to ensure more ‘face-to-face' contact! She genuinely cares about her students.

Mitzi Zeigner is my child and adolescent guidance professor, and we've still been doing blackboard ultra. I just wanted to shout her out because she makes me and all of her students feel seen, known, loved, and like a part of her family. I'm so lucky to be her student during this pandemic.

Dr. Rojas-McWhinney!! She has been super caring and checking in on all her students

Mr. Jorge Morales has done a great job lecturing in our online classes and makes sure we are learning the material!

Kristie Storms is one of the best professors ever! She truly has worked so hard to basically re-do her curriculum for her students and still holds Zion lectures to make sure we are all understanding and on the same page!!

Shout-Out for Dr. Karen Alexander. Dr. Alexander, you provide great leadership and vision for our program. Keep it up!

Dr. Courtney Meyers is the best professor/teacher I have had in all of my education.

Dr. Niehuis has made the best of teaching her class online. She has shown openness and flexibility during these times and works hard to make sure we're understanding the material for her Intimate Relationships course! Thank you Dr. Niehuis!

Shout-out to Cristobal, Nick, and Abby in the HDFS office for helping all the Profs and Grad students figure out the logistics of canceled conferences and working remotely!

Shout out to Dr. Holly Wright for being flexible with due dates and pushing back our 8 am calls to be less painful for those in other time zones!

Dr. Courtney Meyers truly cares about her students. She has made the online learning experience amazing for last semester at Texas Tech.

I think Dr. Williams is doing a great job of transitioning to the online format. He has live synchronous classes and he has found a way to still incorporate the learning assistants into his online classes.

Ms. Holli Booe is amazing! She has gone above and beyond to help me succeed in her online class. Everything was online, to begin with, but knowing life is even more stressful now she has done everything she can to make things better for me. It means so much!


"Shout-Out for Ashlee Murden, Business Manager, TTU Family, and Consumer Sciences Education. Thank you, Ashlee, for keeping informed on the straight and narrow!"

Ashlee Brown is the best advisor I have ever had so far!!

To JulieAnne Pender, the best advisor ever: Thanks for continuing to make being an Ambassador a whole lot of fun!! You're keeping us connected with fun and engaging GroupMe competitions so that we feel involved even from a distance!

My advisor is the absolute best! I haven't even gotten a chance to meet her since I transferred college and she has done so much for me! She responds VERY quickly to all my questions and is super helpful!

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