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You must first obtain your TTUHSC identification card from the ID Office by emailing your form and photo to raidercard@ttu.edu. If you need to make an appointment or meet with someone from the ID Office, please email them at raidercard@ttu.edu to set the appointment.

Fill out each blank on the form in its entirety, DO NOT leave spaces with nothing in them. Please do not print the form out and hand write the information in the spaces provided, we need you to fill out the form before it is printed. In the Position/Title area on the form, please put any required medical credentials needed for your professional position (ex: RN, MD, etc.).

Once you have the form filled out, print it. You will need to sign the form in the space marked "Signature of Applicant". Once you have signed the form, you'll need to obtain an authorized signature on the form. This person is typically the Director of the department (or his designee) that oversees the area which you are requesting access for.

Please email the completed form and your picture to the RaiderCard Office.

If you already have a TTUHSC ID card and need to request additional access clearances, fill out the form as detailed above.  Once you have the form completed with appropriate signatures, take the form to the Texas Tech Police Department (TTPD) to have the access added to your account.

If you change departments for any reason, a new badge is not required to be made. Please fill out a new CCure form for the new professional area that you will need access to and take this form to the Texas Tech Police Department.


Lost/Stolen Cards


  • There is a $20 dollar replacement card fee, which will be charged to the student's tuition/fees account by the RaiderCard Office.
  • Students will need to request a replacement badge from their department representative.  
  • The representative will request a replacement card from the RaiderCard Office by emailing RaiderCard@ttu.edu.
  • The RaiderCard Office will create the ID/badge and deliver it to the TTPD BA104 within 2 business days.
  • The TTPD will distribute the replacement card to the student.


  • There is a $20 dollar replacement card fee.
  • Employees will need to request a replacement badge by using the access badge replacement form.
  • The employee may email RaiderCard@ttu.edu.
  • If the employee requests the replacement badge by email, the RaiderCard Office will deliver the new card to TTPD in BA104 at HSC for distribution within 2 business days.



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