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Lubbock Health Sciences Center Campus Department Directory

3601 4th Street/ RM BA104
Lubbock, Texas 79430
Non Emergency Phone: 806-743-2000


Name Position Phone Number E-mail address
Kyle K. Bonath Chief of Police 806-742-3931 Kyle.K.Bonath@ttu.edu
Kenny Evans Asst. Chief of Police 806-742-3931 Kenny.Evans@ttu.edu
Heath Steele Asst. Chief of Police 806-742-3931 Heath.Steele@ttu.edu
Amy Ivey Captain 806-742-3931 Amy.Ivey@ttu.edu
Mike McAlister Lieutenant 806742-3931 Mike.McAlister@ttu.edu
Chris Patterson Lieutenant 806-742-3931 Christopher.Patterson@ttu.edu
Mark Haney Lieutenant 806-742-3931 Mark.Haney@ttu.edu


Name Position Phone Number E-mail address
David Parker Captain 806-742-3931 David.Parker@ttu.edu
Chris Wischkaemper Lieutenant 806-742-3931 chwischk@ttu.edu



Name Position Phone Number E-mail address
Stephen Hinkle Captain 806-742-3931 Stephen.Hinkle@ttu.edu
Chad Bates Lieutenant 806-742-3931 Chad.Bates@ttu.edu
Imelda Isaguirre Lieutenant 806-742-3931 Imelda.Isaguirre@ttu.edu
Keith Miller Lieutenant 806-742-3931 Keith.Miller@ttu.edu
John Radle Lieutenant 806-742-3931 John.Radle@ttu.edu


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Phone Numbers

  • Emergency: 911
  • Non-emergency: 806-742-3931


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