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Global Ambitions; CASNR Plans Maymester Study Abroad Trip to China

Traveling through the Chinese countryside in summertime is like being transported back to a different time and place. Outdated machinery dots the never-ending farmland, reminiscent of the United States more than half a century prior. Although some farmland has the flat, arid, West Texas-feel, mere miles away, entire farms are created on flat shelves of land carved out of the hills and mountainsides.

VIRAL VIDEO: South Plains Cotton Production Has Significant Impact

A new study by Texas Tech University and Texas A&M AgriLife Extension found that crop production has a substantial overall impact on employment and the economy in the Texas High Plains region. The most recent data shows that crop production on the South Plains supported more than 103,000 jobs and generated more than $12.2 billion in economic activity in 2010.