In Memoriam 

winkDr. Herald W. Winkler passed away on May 7, 2016. He was 91 years old. Herald (Wink) Winkler is recognized as one of the worldwide experts in gas lift. He served in the Air Corp in World War II. Following his bachelor's degree (BSMU, Southern Methodist University, 1948), he started his oilfield career as a production engineering experience in West Texas with Atlantic (ARCO). He joined Camco, Inc. rising to Director of Gas Lift Research. During this time, between world-wide assignments, he managed to earn his master's degree (M.S. Petroleum Engineering, University of Houston, 1962). His many industry training schools awakened a deep and devoted interest in teaching which led to the successful completion of his doctor's degree (Ph.D. in Petroleum Engineering, University of Texas, 1969). Following a brief return to Camco, he joined the department of Petroleum Engineering at Texas Tech University where he soon became department chairman. Wink served as Professor Emeritus up until the time of his death. He authored numerous papers for the Southwestern Petroleum Short Course (SWPSC) and served on the SWPSC Board of Directors. He co-authored the Camco Gas Lift Manual and wrote many chapters of the SPE Petroleum Production Handbook. He was honored as a recipient of the SPE's coveted Lester C. Uren Award, SPE's Legends in Artificial Lift-Gas Lift Award, the Production Award from ASME (Petroleum Division of ASME), the Halliburton Teaching Award and numerous other honored awards.

Wink once wrote and repeated many times, "The most important decisions in my life were choosing my partner and my occupation."

"Dr. Winkler was a petroleum industry legend known worldwide. For me though, it's Dr. Winkler the man, that I will miss most. Dr. Winkler, unapologetically, set the bar very high. He believed that being an "engineer" was a noble calling and a great privilege; an honor not to be taken lightly. Integrity was far more important to him than appearance. Political correctness didn't rate very highly with Wink and as a result, it was difficult to misinterpret where he stood on any given issue. I consider myself especially blessed to have learned from him both as a student, as a mentor, and much later as a friend. He was unforgettable."

James A. Edmiston President and Chief Executive Officer
Harvest Natural Resources (NYSE:HNR)