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Room Reservation Calendars

The College of Education Room Reservation Calendars can be viewed via Microsoft Outlook, Outlook for Mac, or Outlook Web Access.

Download instructions on how to add the Room Reservation Calendars to your Outlook

Before you request a room reservation, make sure to check which rooms have enough tables, chairs, projectors, and seating capacity to meet your needs.

Download instructions on how to use the Conference Room Technology

Room Reservations

Conference Room Reservations: 152, 167, 203, 253

Email charlotte.miller@ttu.edu with the following information:

  1. Conference Room Number
  2. Meeting Name
  3. Meeting Day(s) and Time(s)
  4. Meeting Invitees (If you prefer, you can be the only invitee and forward the request.)
  5. Number of Meeting Attendees
  6. Technology Requests (Skype is already set-up in all rooms to allow connection to the room's technology.)

Classroom and Basement Reservations

Scheduling classrooms for Courses

Scheduling classrooms for Meetings