Texas Tech University

Area of ISQS - Faculty and Staff

Name Job Title
Aguirre-Urreta, Miguel, Ph.D. Aguirre-Urreta, Miguel, Ph.D. Assistant Professor
Browne, Glenn, Ph.D. Browne, Glenn, Ph.D. Rawls Professor of Information & Decision Sciences
Burns, James, Ph.D. Burns, James, Ph.D. Professor
Davis, Fred Davis, Fred Professor and Stevenson Chair in IT
Delgadillo, Francisco, Ph.D. Delgadillo, Francisco, Ph.D. Faculty Director for Diversity and Associate Professor of Practice
Durrett, John, Ph.D. Durrett, John, Ph.D. Undergraduate Advisor/Associate Professor
Flamm, Phillip, MBA, CAPM Flamm, Phillip, MBA, CAPM Core Course Instructor
Giddens, Terri, Ph.D. Giddens, Terri, Ph.D. Visiting Professor
He, Wei, Ph.D. He, Wei, Ph.D. Assistant Professor
Jones, Donald, Ph.D. Jones, Donald, Ph.D. James E. & Elizabeth F. Sowell Professor / James C. Wetherbe Professor of ISQS
Lay, Lowell, MBA Lay, Lowell, MBA Lecturer
Lin, Zhangxi, Ph.D. Lin, Zhangxi, Ph.D. Associate Professor
Lucus, David J., Ph.D. Lucus, David J., Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Practice
Mitchell, Benjamin, Ph.D. Mitchell, Benjamin, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Practice
Rutner, Paige Rutner, Paige Associate Professor of Practice
Sheikh-Zadeh, Alireza, Ph.D. Sheikh-Zadeh, Alireza, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Practice
Song, Jaeki, Ph.D. Song, Jaeki, Ph.D. Area Coordinator; Jerry S. Rawls Professor of Management Information Systems
Walden, Eric, Ph.D. Walden, Eric, Ph.D. Director of the Texas Tech Neuroimaging Institute, Director of Data Science Programs and James C. Wetherbe Professor
Westfall, Peter, Ph.D. Westfall, Peter, Ph.D. James and Marguerite Niver and Paul Whitfield Horn Professor of Statistics
Wetherbe, James, Ph.D. Wetherbe, James, Ph.D. Richard Schulze Distinguished Professor
Yadav, Surya Yadav, Surya Professor of Information Systems