Texas Tech University

Claudia C. Cogliser, Ph.D.

Associate Professor and Associate Dean, Graduate School

Email: claudia.cogliser@ttu.edu

Phone: 806.834.2147

Office Hours: By appointment

Room Number: 
Administration Building 327b

 Ph.D., University of Miami (1997)

Area of Expertise: Leadership, Organizational Behavior, Research Methods

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Dr. Claudia Cogliser

About Claudia

Claudia Cogliser is Associate Dean in the Graduate School and an Associate Professor of Management in the Rawls College of Business. Her research interests include leader/follower relationships, authentic leadership, virtual teams, scale development, and multi-level analysis. Claudia's research has been published in The Leadership Quarterly, Journal of Management, Journal of Organizational Behavior, Organizational Research Methods, Educational and Psychological Measurement, and other peer-reviewed journals. Dr. Cogliser was named an Integrated Scholar in 2011, and received the Texas Tech Chancellor's Distinguished Teaching Award and the President's Excellence in Teaching award in 2013. Dr. Cogliser was inducted into the Texas Tech University Teaching Academy in 2013.


  • Cogliser, C.C., Gardner, W.L., Quinn Trank, C., Gavin, M., Halbesleben, J.R.B., and Seers, A. (2013). Not all group exchange structures are created equal: Effects of forms and levels of exchange on work outcomes in virtual teams. Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies, 20 (2), 240-249.
  • Cogliser, D.C., Gardner, W.L., Gavin, M., and Broberg, J.C. (2012). Big five personality factors and leader emergence in virtual teams: Relationships with team trustworthiness, member performance contributions, and team performance. Group and Organizational Management, 37 (6), 752-784.
  • Gardner, W.L., Cogliser, C.C., Walumbwa, F.O., Reithel, B., and Foley, R.T. (2012). Matching personality and organizational culture: Effects of recruitment strategy and the five-factor model on subjective person-organization fit. Management Communication Quarterly, 26 (4), 585-622.
  • Gardner, W.L., Cogliser, C.C., Davis, K.M., and Dickens, M.P. (2011). Authentic leadership: A review of the literature and research agenda. The Leadership Quarterly, 22 (6), 1120-1145.
  • Gardner, W.L., Lowe, K.B., Moss, T.W., Mahoney, K.T., and Cogliser, C.C. (2010). Scholarly leadership of the study of leadership: A review of The Leadership Quarterly's second decade, 2000-2009. The Leadership Quarterly, 21, 922-958.
  • Short, J.C., Broberg, J.C., Cogliser, C.C., and Brigham, K. (2010). Construct validation using computer-aided text analysis (CATA): An illustration using entrepreneurial orientation. Organizational Research Methods, 13 (2), 320-347.
  • Schriesheim, C.A., and Cogliser, C.C. (2009). Construct validation in leadership research: Explication and illustration. The Leadership Quarterly, 20 (5), 725-736.

Current Research

  • Boundaries of authentic leadership, 2014. Academy of Management Annual meeting (with W.L. Gardner and J. Carlson).
  • Racial diversity in leader-member exchanges. 2014. Southern Management Association annual meeting (with B. Randolph-Seng, A. Randolph, C.D. Miller, and K.R. Smith). 

Awards and Honors

  • 2013 Chancellor's Distinguished Teaching Award, Texas Tech University
  • 2013 President's Excellence in Teaching Award, Texas Tech University
  • 2013 Teaching Academy, Texas Tech University
  • 2011 Integrated Scholar, Texas Tech University
  • 2013-2014, 2008-2009 Service Learning Mentor, Texas Tech University
  • 2007-2008 Service Learning Fellow, Texas Tech University