Texas Tech University

Ph.D. Students


Name Title Area
Camors, Casey, CPA CMA CPFO CGMA Camors, Casey, CPA CMA CPFO CGMA Ph.D. Student Accounting
Chavez, Stacy, MAS, CPA Chavez, Stacy, MAS, CPA Second-Year Ph.D. Student Accounting
Collins, Corey, MSA Collins, Corey, MSA Third-Year Ph.D. Candidate / Graduate Part-Time Instructor Accounting
Durrant, Jon, CPA Durrant, Jon, CPA Third-Year Ph.D. Student Accounting
Elkins, Hamilton Elkins, Hamilton Ph.D. Student Accounting
Gant, Danielle, MAS, CPA Gant, Danielle, MAS, CPA Third-Year Ph.D. Candidate Accounting
Guo, Savannah Guo, Savannah Third-year Ph.D. candidate Accounting
Hao, Jie, CPA, MBA, Macc Hao, Jie, CPA, MBA, Macc Ph.D. student Accounting
Lee, Eo "Jin" Ph.D. Student Accounting
Marquardt, Blair Marquardt, Blair Fourth-Year Ph.D. Student Accounting
Pham, Viet Ph.D. Student Accounting
Sanchez, Daniela Sanchez, Daniela Third-Year Ph.D. Candidate Accounting
Talakai, Jayson Talakai, Jayson Ph.D. Candidate Accounting
Tribou, Kimberly Tribou, Kimberly Third Year Doctoral Candidate Accounting
Wang, Yangmei (Emily), MBA, MST Wang, Yangmei (Emily), MBA, MST First-Year Ph.D. Student Accounting
West, Ashley, MSA, CPA West, Ashley, MSA, CPA Third Year Ph.D. Candidate Accounting


Name Title Area
Azim Khan, Sharier Azim Khan, Sharier Ph.D. Candidate (3rd year) Finance
Baig, Ahmed Baig, Ahmed Ph.D. Candidate Finance
Biswas, Rumpa Biswas, Rumpa Part Time Instructor and Ph.D. Candidate (4th year) Finance
Chen, Mengxi Chen, Mengxi Ph.D. Candidate (3rd year) Finance
Choi, Hyungeun Choi, Hyungeun Ph.D. Candidate (3rd year) Finance
Kim, Kay Kim, Kay Ph.D. Student Finance
Merriman, Bobby Merriman, Bobby Ph.D. Student Finance
Sabah, Nasim Sabah, Nasim Ph.D. Candidate (4th year) Finance
Saha, Pritam Saha, Pritam Ph.D. Student Finance
Sochi, Maria, CFA Sochi, Maria, CFA Ph.D. Student Finance
Valenzuela, Eric Valenzuela, Eric Ph.D. Student Finance
Zheng, Xibei Zheng, Xibei Ph.D. Student Finance


Name Title Area
Alam, Mohammed Alam, Mohammed Ph.D. Candidate ISQS
Armeen, Inaiya Armeen, Inaiya Ph.D. Student ISQS
Bina, Saman Bina, Saman Ph.D. Candidate ISQS
Cogo, Gabriel Cogo, Gabriel Ph.D. Candidate ISQS
Graue, William Graue, William Ph.D. Candidate ISQS
Gutierrez, Walter Gutierrez, Walter Ph.D. Student ISQS
Hu, Jiang Hu, Jiang Ph.D. Candidate ISQS
Kang, Seonjun Kang, Seonjun Ph.D. Candidate ISQS
Kaskela, Timothy Kaskela, Timothy Ph.D. Student ISQS
Ning, Weihong Ning, Weihong Ph.D. Candidate ISQS
Padalkar, Nakul Padalkar, Nakul Ph.D. Student ISQS
Yu, Yixiu (Ashley) Yu, Yixiu (Ashley) Ph.D. Candidate (3rd Year) ISQS


Name Title Area
Anderson, Kelley Anderson, Kelley Ph.D. Student Marketing and Supply Chain Management
Aronson, Olivia Aronson, Olivia Ph.D. Student Management
Blackwell, Jonathan Blackwell, Jonathan Ph.D. Student Management
Chandler, Jeffrey Chandler, Jeffrey Ph.D. Student Management
Duke, Lindsey Duke, Lindsey Ph.D. Student Management
Gullifor, Daniel Gullifor, Daniel Ph.D. Student Management
Hayes, Nathan Ph.D. Student Management
LaFont, Matthew LaFont, Matthew Ph.D. Student Management
Mitchell, Corky Mitchell, Corky Ph.D. Student Marketing and Supply Chain Management
Muhammad, Muhammad Muhammad, Muhammad Ph.D. Student Management
Noghani, Farzaneh Noghani, Farzaneh Ph.D. Student Management
Skorodziyevskiy, Vitaliy Skorodziyevskiy, Vitaliy Ph.D. Student Management
Tribble, Lori Tribble, Lori Ph.D. Student Management
Vahidnia, Hamid Ph.D. Student Management
XU, Lei XU, Lei Ph.D. Student Management


Name Title Area
Alfadhel, Asma Alfadhel, Asma Ph.D. Candidate Marketing
Anderson, Kelley Anderson, Kelley Ph.D. Student Marketing and Supply Chain Management
Bhoumik, Kshitij Bhoumik, Kshitij Ph.D. Student Marketing
Cann, Adam Cann, Adam Ph.D. Student Marketing
Condon, Miles Condon, Miles Ph.D. Candidate Marketing
Lunt, Lucas Lunt, Lucas Ph.D. Student Marketing
Maheshwari, Harsh Maheshwari, Harsh Ph.D. Student Marketing
Mitchell, Corky Mitchell, Corky Ph.D. Student Marketing and Supply Chain Management
Moradi, Masoud Moradi, Masoud Ph.D. Candidate Marketing
Newaz, Md. Tarique Newaz, Md. Tarique Ph.D. Student Marketing
Pangarkar, Aniruddha Pangarkar, Aniruddha Ph.D. Candidate Marketing
Pedada, Kiran Pedada, Kiran Ph.D. Candidate Marketing
Statzer, Jonathan Statzer, Jonathan Ph.D. Student Marketing