Texas Tech University

Staff Directory

Name Job Title Department
Anderson, Dennis, M.Ed. Anderson, Dennis, M.Ed. Lead Administrator- Graduate and Nontraditional Students Career Management Center
Armstrong, Aaron Armstrong, Aaron IT Support Technician II (Multimedia Specialist) BACS
Arnett, Wendy Arnett, Wendy Senior Director Rawls Graduate Programs Graduate Professional Programs
Baucum, Chelsea Baucum, Chelsea Program Director- Events and Internal Marketing Career Management Center
Baumann, Jeremiah Baumann, Jeremiah Unit Assistant Director (Testing Center Manager) BACS
Beard, Terri Beard, Terri Coordinator Marketing and Supply Chain Management
Bohannon, Nikki Associate Director of Management
Bohn, Stephanie Director of Academic Administration; Assistant Director, Texas Tech School of Banking Dean's Office
Brannan, Kim Brannan, Kim Unit Supervisor Dean's Office
Brannan, Julie, BFA Brannan, Julie, BFA IT Support Technician III (Tech Services) BACS
Broughton, Barry, M.Ed. Broughton, Barry, M.Ed. Senior Director Career Management Center and Center for Global Engagement
Brown, Susan Brown, Susan Director Alumni Relations
Buck, Angela Buck, Angela Chief Evaluator Undergraduate Services Center
Carnes, Adrienne Carnes, Adrienne Senior Director Undergraduate Services Center
Crosby, Michelle Crosby, Michelle Academic Administrative Coordinator Accounting
Estes, Kellie Estes, Kellie Director Center for Energy Commerce
Fairbairn, Dennis Fairbairn, Dennis Building Coordinator Support Services Center
Fears, Zabrina Fears, Zabrina Program Coordinator Center for Global Engagement
Greenlee, Michelle Web Developer Communications and Marketing
Guzman, Maegan Guzman, Maegan Academic Administrative Coordinator ISQS
Harkey, Susan Harkey, Susan Unit Manager Dean's Office
Hart, Nicole Hart, Nicole Academic Administrative Coordinator Finance
Hicks, Janice Hicks, Janice Senior Director Dean's Office
Huddleston, Whitney Huddleston, Whitney Coordinator of Development Operations Development
Johnston, Staci Johnston, Staci Coordinator Career Management Center
Keaton, Chathry Keaton, Chathry Graduate & Professional Programs
Kvick, Nettie Kvick, Nettie Administrator (Assistant Testing Center Manager) BACS
Martin, Lisa Martin, Lisa Senior Academic Advisor Undergraduate Services Center
McDonald, Scott McDonald, Scott IT Support Technician II (Assistant Multimedia Manager) BACS
Miller, Helen Miller, Helen Support Services Center
Miller, Zafar Miller, Zafar Server Administrator IV (Associate Director/BACS) BACS
Mink, Garrett Undergraduate Services Center
Moncrief, Ashly Moncrief, Ashly Director- International Programs Center for Global Engagement
Moore, Ladan Moore, Ladan Support Services Center
Morgan, Michaela Graphic Designer Communications and Marketing
Mosher, Chris Executive Associate to the Dean Dean's Office
Moskos, Michele, MBA Moskos, Michele, MBA Director, Communications and Marketing Communications and Marketing
Nuñez, Anita Nuñez, Anita Instructional Designer Rawls eLearning Center
Oles, Alice Oles, Alice Associate Director External Relations
Patton, Pam Patton, Pam Coordinator, Senior Office Assistant Dean's Office
Patton, Allison Patton, Allison Career Development Specialist- Professional Documents Career Management Center
Perez, Junior, MBA Perez, Junior, MBA International Programs Administrator Center for Global Engagement
Perrin, Dayton Perrin, Dayton Server Administrator III BACS
Peters, Jessica Peters, Jessica International Programs Administrator Center for Global Engagement
Pitman, Jamie Pitman, Jamie Program Director- Student Development Career Management Center
Pitsilides, Archie, MBA, M.A. Pitsilides, Archie, MBA, M.A. Director of Grants and Outreach Dean's Office
Principe, Jennifer Principe, Jennifer Academic Advisor Undergraduate Services Center
Proctor, Madison Proctor, Madison Program Director Undergraduate Recruitment
Reyes, Belinda Reyes, Belinda Administrative Assistant Dean's Office
Rinaldo, Jason, Ph.D. Rinaldo, Jason, Ph.D. Senior Director of Assessment / Instructor Dean's Office
Sanders, Laura Sanders, Laura Director- Career Services Career Management Center
Schacht, Kamerin Schacht, Kamerin Administrator Undergraduate Services Center
Schuster, Roger Schuster, Roger Programmer Analyst II Dean's Office
Schwintz, Jess Schwintz, Jess Senior Academic Advisor Undergraduate Services Center
Sharp, Geleah, M.Ed. Sharp, Geleah, M.Ed. Associate Director Undergraduate Services Center
Sierra, Cristina Sierra, Cristina Recruiter Graduate and Professional Programs
Smith, Jordan Smith, Jordan Senior Academic Advisor Undergraduate Services Center
Suchy, Kathryn Suchy, Kathryn IT Director BACS
Taylor, Ashley Taylor, Ashley Senior Academic Advisor Undergraduate Services Center
Todd, Ryan Todd, Ryan Senior Director of Development Development
Tow, Jeremy, M.A. Tow, Jeremy, M.A. Program Coordinator- Professional Documents Career Management Center
Trevino, Jerry Trevino, Jerry Senior Analyst Dean's Office
Wake, Kim Wake, Kim Senior Academic Advisor Undergraduate Services Center
Walker, Hailey Walker, Hailey Assistant Director of Recruiting Career Management Center
Williams, Erica Williams, Erica IT Support Technician III (Tech Services) BACS
Winfree, Matthew Winfree, Matthew IT Support Technician III (Multimedia Services Manager) BACS
Yack, Jennifer Yack, Jennifer Graduate & Professional Programs
Zickefoose, Kelsey Zickefoose, Kelsey Director of Admissions & Recruiting Graduate & Professional Programs