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Willliam Brown

Welcome to the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources. If you are exploring the possibility of an education in the field of agricultural sciences or natural resources, we are excited about the possibility of you investigating Texas Tech. We have programs in CASNR which prepare young men and women to become leaders in the food, fiber, agriculture, renewable natural resources, or environmental disciplines.

Within the seven departments in CASNR, we offer 11 baccalaureate degrees, as well as 11 masters programs and six doctoral programs; all with options aimed to meet the career goals and aspirations of individuals who desire to work in a variety of jobs. Annually there are 57,900 high-skilled job openings in the United States that align with agricultural science and natural resources.

Let me assure you that CASNR is one of the top educational programs in the nation preparing students for successful careers. The job market for our students is positive because our degree programs are based on a solid curriculum backed with outstanding research.

Personalized instruction and attention to students, is our standard. Our 13-to-1 student to teacher ratio plus the College “open-door” policy makes faculty members easily accessible. Personalized guidance is a major factor to CASNR having one of the highest retention and graduation rates in the University.

CASNR emphasizes participation in internships for practical experience while our students are pursuing their education. Opportunities are available to intern in the agricultural industry or with state and federal agencies through the CASNR Government Internship Program.

Study abroad programs are available to fit your needs; whatever your major, financial resources, or time commitments. CASNR offers a variety of programs that allow you to earn class credit while studying abroad. We have both short-term and semester-long options available.

Scholarships are based on academic interest and achievement, financial need and community involvement. CASNR maintains one of the largest scholarship programs among the colleges at Texas Tech. Nearly one of every two CASNR students receives a scholarship with the total for our students reaching $4 million annually.

More in-depth information on undergraduate and graduate programs can be found on the departmental web pages and on the Graduate School web page as well as in the University Catalog. Faculty and staff welcome your questions about CASNR and would invite you to our campus for a visit any time.

Dr. William Brown
Dean, College of Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources


Dr. William Brown
Dean | (806) 742-2808