Texas Tech University

Helen DeVitt Jones Graduate Fellowship


Graduate Fellowships in Davis College

A special fellowship opportunity is now available for students interested in graduate education at Texas Tech University's Davis College of Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources. The current award for a Jones Fellow is $10,000 per academic year (an academic year consisting of Fall and Spring Semesters plus the following two Summer Sessions).

The receipt of a Jones Fellowship will not preclude the recipient from participating in other research or teaching assistantships within the University or from being employed by the University or another organization on an hourly wage basis. The Helen Jones Foundation has played a significant role in the success of TTU over the years. Their fellowship gifts have been particularly helpful.

"The purpose of the Jones Fellowship is to develop the capacity of future researchers and teachers in an agricultural and natural resources context," said Sukant Misra, professor and associate dean for research in the Davis College of Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources. "This fellowship will be used to recruit high quality, outstanding new students into a graduate program in Davis College."

Students interested in graduate education in Davis College should directly contact the academic department for more information. Current students may apply, but preference will be given to incoming, new graduate students. Students and prospective students may apply to their respective academic units at any time prior to the cut-off date established by those academic units. Academic units will submit their maximum of two candidates for Jones Fellowships by January 31 preceding the start of that academic year.