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A.W. Young Graduate Student Support Fund

A.W. Young

The A.W. Young Fund was established by Wesley Masters (Seed and Chemical Trade Companies and friends of Dr. and Mrs. A. W. Young) in 1975. The fund provides graduate student support in Plant and Soil Science with a focus on agronomy.

Dr. Arthur Wesley Young passed away December 7, 1989. He was recognized for his contributions as an educator, administrator and agronomist at Texas Tech University and the U.S. Southwest.

Dr. Young joined the Texas Tech faculty in 1935 and served as Chairman of the agronomy department from 1938 to 1969. He had a major impact on the development of programs in horticulture, entomology, agricultural engineering, and range and wildlife management.

When he began his career at Texas Tech, the region had only limited development of crop production. Dr. Young was instrumental in disseminating information on cultural practices for cotton, grain sorghum and wheat. He helped to present information on the proper use of irrigation, fertilizer, pesticides and farm machinery to producers and suppliers.

Dr. Young was also recognized for his assistance I the development of the seed industry in West Texas. He was active in various seed trade organization and served for 31 years on the Texas Seed and Plant Board. He was active in the West Texas Chemicals Institute and was named in 1953 as the first recipient of the organization's Outstanding Service to the Industry award.

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Matt Williams

Matt Williams
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