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Louise B. Belsterling Foundation Scholarship

The Louise B. Belsterling Foundation Scholarship was established by the Dallas Garden Club in 1989. The funds are awarded to support graduate work in the field of Horticulture.

The Louise B. Belsterling Foundation of the Dallas Garden Club was created on June 9, 1971. The organization receives gifts bequeathed by the will of the late Mrs. Belsterling. The Texas Research Foundation transferred its inheritance from Mrs. Belsterling to the Foundation. The income is used to grant scholarships for research in horticulture at the graduate level.

Louise Babcock was born on November 23, 1876 in New York to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mathew Babcock. In 1902, Louise Babcock moved to Dallas and began teaching French language at St. Mary's, after having lived in France for some time with extended family. She and Edward Belsterling met at a friend's home, and were married shortly thereafter.

The couple did not have any children which gave Louise the time to pursue her love for gardening and botany. She taught gardening for many years and published her Planting Manual for Dallas Gardens for the first time in 1941. Louise was an active member of The Dallas Garden Club of The Dallas Woman's Club and was considered to be a highly regarded authority for Dallas local gardening. In addition to that, Louise created an extensive private library of rare books covering horticulture and botany. Mrs. Louise B. Belsterling passed away on April 6, 1970 in Dallas, Texas at the age of 93.


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