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The James A. “Buddy” Davidson Foundation Scholarship Endowment in Water Conservation

The James A. “Buddy” Davidson Foundation Scholarship Endowment in Water Conservation was established in 2009 by the James A. “Buddy” Davidson Charitable Foundation. The scholarship is awarded to students whose studies are focused on water conservation.

James A. "Buddy" Davidson was born July 3, 1926 to E. H. "Dave" and Linnie Hall Davidson. Buddy's father was killed when he was 13 years old. His mother was an RN which was a profession that Buddy learned to greatly appreciate. Growing up as the child of a single parent helped Buddy to appreciate the value of money and the need to save as much as possible. Over the years, no matter the wages earned, Buddy always found a way to save a portion.

Mr. Davidson went into the military in 1943 and did his part in the war including overseas duty in the Philippines and Japan. After being "Honorably Discharged", Buddy went to college on the G. I. Bill, but he had to help supply his room and board. Buddy was hired as a houseman at one of the G. I. Dormitories, for which he received his room for free. During this time, he joined the Army Reserves and worked with them to make enough money to afford to ride the bus to his work and home to Midland, Texas to visit his mother. Buddy continued to be very diligent and saved a portion of his earnings. In the summertime, he worked as a surveyor's helper to make extra money. After procuring two degrees from University of Texas in Austin, Texas, one in Business which he used in his profession as a Landman and another in Law, he went to work with various oil and gas companies and proceeded to advance because of his hard work and dedication. Mr. Davidson was a seven day a week business man. In 1979 he started his own company.

As an individual Buddy started contributing to various types of charitable organizations as are mentioned in the Mission Statement of the James A. "Buddy" Davidson Charitable Foundation such as: animals, wildlife, environment, and children.


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