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Ellen B. Peffley Scholarship Endowment

Ellen Peffley

The Ellen B. Peffley Scholarship Endowment was established by Ellen B. Peffley in 2010. The scholarship is awarded to both graduate and undergraduate students majoring in Horticulture Science degree plan, with Science as their emphasis. The recipient must be in good academic standing.

Dr. Ellen Peffley Harp and her husband, Dr. Dennis Harp, are Retired Faculty Members of Texas Tech University. They have established the Dennis A. Harp International Media Studies Scholarship Endowment, Ellen B. Peffley Scholarship Endowment, and Dennis Harp Scholarship in Media and Communications.

During her tenure, Ellen won the Chancellor's Council Award for Distinguished Teaching, and Dennis was inducted into the College of Mass Communications Hall of Fame in 2009. Ellen was a Horticulture Professor at Texas Tech University and now owns a gardening business called From the Garden.

Dennis retired in August 2008 as a professor in the College of Mass Communications and Associate Dean of Faculty. He formally served as President of the Texas Educational Television Association, Associate Director of the International Television Association, and member the Texas Commission on the Arts.

Ellen and Dennis reside in Lubbock, TX.

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