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Michael Kent Rylander, Ph.D

Professor Emeritus
Biological Sciences
  • Ph.D., Biology, Tulane University, New Orleans (1965) 
  • M.S., Biology, North Texas State University, Denton (1962) 
  • B.A., Biology, North Texas State University, Denton (1956)


Michael Rylander

Research Interests:

Research focused on ornithology and comparative neuroanatomy. Also, research into the plankton of high altitude, pristine lakes in the Andes of Ecuador and Peru. Research provided base-line data for lakes to aid in altering introduction of game fish, and to interpret the distribution and physical characteristics of phytoplankton and zooplankton in terms of island biogeography.

Selected Publications:

Rylander, M.K., J. Perez & A. Gomez. 1997. Status of the green mussel, Perna viridis (Linnaeus, 1758)(Bivalvia:Mytilidae) in Northeastern Venezuela. Caribbean Marine Studies 5: 86-87.

Perez, J. & M.K. Rylander. 1998. Hybridization and its effects on species richness in natural habitats. Intersciencia 23(3): 137-139.

Snell, L. and K. Rylander. 2001. Morphometric analysis of the superior vestibular nerve in ground and tree squirrels (Family Sciuridae). J. Mammalogy 82(1): 218-224.

Perez, J. E., J. Mayz, K. Rylander, and M. Nirchio. 2001. The impact of the transgenic revolution on aquaculture and biodiversity. Revista Cientifica, FCV-LUZ 11: 101-108.

Rylander, K. 2002. The Behavior of Texas Birds.

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