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Culture Conversation Groups

In these weekly culture conversation groups, U.S. American students, international students, and other community members meet to discuss interesting cultural topics in small groups with the help of a conversation guide. These groups are open to the public – bring a friend!

All participants sign in – instructors, please contact yesim.dollar@ttu.edu if you need sign-in information about your students who are attending for extra credit.

The groups are offered for 12 weeks of each long semester. The conversation guides cover the following topics:

  • Week 1: Introduction to Culture
  • Week 2: Telling the “truth”
  • Week 3: Rule vs. Relationship
  • Week 4: Conflict
  • Week 5: Work Culture
  • Week 6: Family Life
  • Week 7: Income Disparity
  • Week 8: Dating and Partner Finding
  • Week 9: Gender Roles
  • Week 10: Relationship to Your Own Culture
  • Week 11: Time Orientation
  • Week 12: Articulating Lessons Learned

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