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Project Director:  Alec Cattell

Co-Directors:  Erin Collopy, Charles Grair, Raychel Vasseur

Global health crises. Social injustice. Political polarization. Climate change. How can we rise to such overwhelming global challenges?

Let's face it: technical solutions alone are insufficient to address humanity's most pressing issues. We also need people who are equipped to address them. People with linguistic, analytical, and professional skills. People who can understand and communicate across diverse cultural contexts. People who can think critically and creatively to find solutions that are fair and sustainable. 

We invite you to join the ranks of today's professionals who are addressing global challenges using skills developed through the study of languages and cultures. As an undergraduate student at Texas Tech, you can enroll in courses participating in the Global Readiness Through Language and Culture project and be well on your way to earning the Global Readiness undergraduate certificate. This certificate pairs well with your professional or technical degree to make you a highly competitive candidate on the job market and an effective intercultural communicator, both at home and abroad.

Housed in the Department of Classical & Modern Languages & Literatures and funded by the Center for Global Communication, the Global Readiness project promotes awareness of global challenges and careers, equips students with transferable skills, and showcases undergraduate student research.

Browse the list of participating courses on the certificate page and enroll today!

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