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Portuguese Language & Area Studies


The Portuguese language is spoken all over the world by approximately 191 million people. Various estimates place it as the 6th-8th most widely spoken language in the world. It is widely spoken in Portugal, Brazil, Macau, Goa, Angola, Venezuela, and Mozambique. It is the second most-spoken Latin language in the world. In the US there are more than 500,000 Portuguese native speakers.

Portuguese is closely related to Spanish, and it is very easy for Spanish speakers to learn Portuguese. Portuguese speakers generally can understand people speaking Spanish, and sometimes Spanish speakers understand Portuguese speakers.

TTU offers four-skills instruction in the Portuguese language, Portuguese literature courses, and undergraduate and graduate minors in Portuguese.

The undergraduate minor in Portuguese consists of 18-22 hours, of which at least nine must be at the 3000 level including at least three hours at the 4000 level. PORT 1502, PORT 2301, and PORT 2302 may be counted towards the minor.

The graduate MA minor in Portuguese consists of 6-9 hours of graduate coursework approved by one's Graduate Advisor.

The graduate Ph.D. minor consists of 15 hours of graduate course work approved by one's Graduate Advisor. For the Spanish doctorate the coursework must be in the Portuguese language.

Summer Study in Brazil

Please visit the TTU Study Abroad page for opportunities in Portugal and Brazil.

Portuguese Program Faculty/Personnel:

Dr. Antonio Ladeira
Coordinator & Associate Professor of Portuguese


  • PORT 1501, 1502: Elementary Portuguese I, II
  • PORT 1507: Intensive Portuguese for Spanish Speakers
  • PORT 2301, 2302: Intermediate Portuguese I, II
  • PORT 3303: Studies in Portuguese
  • PORT 3307: Luso-Brazilian Civilization and Literature (may be repeated when content is different)
  • PORT 4300: Individual Studies in Portuguese
  • PORT 5307: Luso-Brazilian Civilization and Literature (may be repeated when content is different)
  • PORT 5341, 5342: Intensive Portuguese for Graduate Students I & II
  • PORT 5355: Readings in Luso-Brazilian Literature (May be repeated for credit)
  • PORT 7000: Research