Texas Tech University

Languages & Cultures - Applied Linguistics M.A.

General Description of the Program

Second language learning and teaching are two of the major areas within Applied Linguistics that we specialize in here at Texas Tech. Our dedicated faculty conduct research on second language teaching and learning in many areas, including vocabulary, pronunciation, grammatical forms, reading, and writing. We do research on effective instruction for second languages, discourse and interaction in the second language classroom, and the processes of second language learning. Graduate students have opportunities to join with faculty in special research projects during their studies. We currently offer an M.A. in Languages & Cultures - Applied Linguistics. Our graduates go on to advanced graduate programs in applied linguistics, foreign language, psychology, education, and media communications; and also become language teachers in high schools and colleges; language program directors; and language teacher trainers not only in the U.S. but in many other countries.

The Graduate Advisor

Dr. Stefanie Borst


Apply Now

You will need to apply to the Graduate School.

Submit the following required documents on https://texastechgrad.liaisoncas.com/:

  1. CMLL MA Program Application
  2. CMLL Teaching Assistantship Application
  3. English proficiency test scores (international applicants)
  4. Academic Transcripts & Diploma or Certificate
  5. Official Transcripts & certified English translations
  6. Three letters of recommendation from professors with whom you have taken courses.
  7. A 500 word short narrative indicating why you are interest in Applied Linguistics, what your future plans are, and why you are interested in Texas Tech.
  8. A sample of an academic paper or essay you have written for a course in English.

For information regarding the admissions process to CMLL, please do not hesitate to contact Carla Burrus, CMLL Graduate Program Coordinator. For program information, please contact Dr. Stefanie Borst.

Requirements for Entrance

Applicants must meet all Graduate School requirements for admission and must demonstrate knowledge of a language other than English. Prospective applicants whose native language is other than English must provide the Graduate School official proof of English proficiency. For more information please see the Grad School website.