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Languages & Cultures - Applied Linguistics M.A.

The Graduate Advisor

Dr. Stefanie Borst


Apply Now

You will need to apply to the Texas Tech Graduate School.

For information regarding the admissions process to CMLL, please do not hesitate to contact Carla Burrus, CMLL Graduate Program Coordinator.

Requirements for Entrance

Applicants must meet all Graduate School requirements for admission and must demonstrate knowledge of a language other than English. Prospective applicants whose native language is other than English must provide the Graduate School official proof of English proficiency. For more information please see the Grad School website.

Required Courses

  • LING 5312 Linguistics for 2nd Language Educators
  • LING 5322 Foundations for Second Language Teaching
  • LING 5330 Second Language Acquisition
  • CMLL 5301 Fundamentals of Research & Scholarship
  • CMLL 5305 Seminar in Language Studies

Plus 7 of the Following Courses

  • LING 5311 Practicum in Language Teaching
  • LING 5320 L2 Writing
  • LING 5325 Technology in Teaching Second Languages
  • LING 5327 Second Language Curriculum Design
  • LING 5328 Language in a Global Context
  • LING 5332 Instructed SLA
  • LING 5340 Second Language Testing
  • LING 5382 Seminar in Second Language Instruction*
    • Topics have included: Second Language Writing, Conversation Analysis, Research Perspectives on L2 Classroom Interaction
  • LING 5383 Seminar in Second Language Acquisition*
    • Topics have included: Intermediate Issues in Language Testing, Research in Instructed Second Language Acquisition, Bilingualism and Language Contact
  • LING 6000 Thesis
  • LING 7000 Independent Research

*Can be taken up to four (4) times with variable content

Total: 36 hours

Classical & Modern Languages & Literatures

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