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Second language learning and teaching are two of the major areas within Applied Linguistics that we specialize in here at Texas Tech. Our dedicated faculty conducts research on second language teaching and learning in many areas, including vocabulary, pronunciation, grammatical forms, reading, and writing. We do research on effective instruction for second languages, discourse and interaction in the second language classroom, and the processes of second language learning. Graduate students have opportunities to join with faculty in special research projects during their studies. We currently offer an M.A. in Languages & Cultures - Applied Linguistics. Our graduates go on to advanced graduate programs in applied linguistics, foreign language, psychology, education, and media communications; and also become language teachers in high schools and colleges; language program directors; and language teacher trainers not only in the U.S. but in many other countries.

Mission Statement

The division of Applied Linguistics & Second Language Studies (AL & SLS) within Classical and Modern Languages and Literatures seeks to promote the highest caliber research and teaching regarding both second language acquisition and second language instruction. As such, we are committed to the empirical study of how languages are learned, what instructional techniques and approaches can facilitate language acquisition, how curricula can be fashioned based on the most recent research findings, how second languages are contextually bound and used, and other areas related to second language acquisition, second language teaching, and second language use.

We include under the term "second language" any language learned in addition to a first language, be it a language learned in childhood, adolescence or adulthood, regardless of the language learned and the context in which it is learned. We are committed to interdisciplinary cooperation and to the pursuit of knowledge regarding second language acquisition and teaching as they are informed from a variety of sources. We are open to research in which a variety of linguistic approaches are used to examine real-world language problems.

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