Texas Tech University

Applied Linguistics Courses

Required Courses

  • LING 5312 Linguistics for 2nd Language Educators
  • LING 5322 Foundations for Second Language Teaching
  • LING 5330 Second Language Acquisition
  • CMLL 5301 Fundamentals of Research & Scholarship
  • CMLL 5305 Seminar in Language Studies

Plus 7 of the Following Courses

  • LING 5311 Practicum in Language Teaching
  • LING 5320 L2 Writing
  • LING 5325 Technology in Teaching Second Languages
  • LING 5327 Second Language Curriculum Design
  • LING 5328 Language in a Global Context
  • LING 5332 Instructed SLA
  • LING 5340 Second Language Testing
  • LING 5382 Seminar in Second Language Instruction*
    • Topics have included: Second Language Writing, Conversation Analysis, Research Perspectives on L2 Classroom Interaction
  • LING 5383 Seminar in Second Language Acquisition*
    • Topics have included: Intermediate Issues in Language Testing, Research in Instructed Second Language Acquisition, Bilingualism and Language Contact
  • LING 6000 Thesis
  • LING 7000 Independent Research

*Can be taken up to four (4) times with variable content

Total: 36 hours


Students may substitute 6 hours / 2 courses with Graduate courses with a different course prefix as a "minor"; subject to approval from their graduate advisor.

Note: Applied Linguistic faculty may require a student enroll in ESL courses.