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The Department of Classical & Modern Languages & Literatures represents a truly unique, deeply human connection for students to relate to the global community. The Department's programs do this by offering students the opportunity, through the study of languages, world literatures, and global cultures, to broaden and deepen their thinking, and enhance their understanding of the world in which they will live and work.

It is true that academic disciplines in the Humanities do not have as many opportunities for extramural funding support. This obviously introduces missed opportunities, for researchers and teachers, and ultimately, the students they serve. CMLL's programs all would benefit deeply from donor assistance. We can also assure every donor of direct student benefit for any gift sponsoring our courses, programs, and study abroad opportunities. The potentials are truly infinite.

Please contact the College of Arts & Sciences Development Office at any time to discuss ways to make a gift.

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    1. CMLL General Scholarship Fund
      1. Under Additional Gift Info, you may select “Yes, in Memory” and type in "Dr. Kimi Nakatsukasa"
    2. Lorum Stratton Scholarship Endowment
    3. Classics Excellence Fund
    4. Perlmutter Classics Award
    5. Medieval and Renaissance Studies Center

By Check

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Current Goals

  • The Department has established the Lorum Stratton Study Abroad Scholarship Endowment, which assists students in studying abroad. The remarkable experience of being abroad - for a semester, an academic year, or during a summer program - is deeply enriching. With an assistive endowment, so many more students can participate in our abroad programs, and gain knowledge, insights (and once-in-a-lifetime memories) which only experiencing another culture can bring.
  • The Department is also working to establish a scholarship to assist graduate students in participating in professional conferences, symposia, and other important academic events. Early entry into these venues is an important aspect of professional development, as students research, prepare and present papers, articles, and other scholarly or creative works. The cost of travelling to and from these events, along with lodging and food, often prevents many students from participating. Such a scholarship would provide a permanent resource to assist CMLL's graduate students, and deeply broaden the quality of their graduate education at Texas Tech University.


CMLL is grateful for the support we have received through donor gifts. We specially recognize our donors (in concert with their own wishes) in announcements, facility placards and other appropriate venues.

Our benefactors have provided:

  • A number of scholarships & prizes, which assist both undergraduate and graduate students, in a variety of disciplines.
  • The establishment of two professorships:
    • The Jean Charnier Qualia Professorship in Foreign Languages (French)
    • The Charles Qualia Endowed Chair (Spanish)

For more information please read our Donor Bill of Rights, and also visit the College of Arts & Sciences Development Office site.