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The Philosophy Behind Monographic Review


Traditional scholarly journals tend conservatively to deal primarily with "establishment" topics, while those which are not yet admitted to the canon receive inadequate critical scrutiny or are treated in predictably aloof fashion. Because academic publishing may be a high-risk endeavor, subjects not in the mainstream may be shunted aside. While not all of equal significance, many such subjects are worthy of more serious consideration than they have received heretofore, and have much to offer investigators of contemporary myths and culture in regard to the mentality of the age, societal values, and the process of sociocultural change. Even texts of marginal or transitory literary significance can yield valuable historical and sociological insights.

Of primary consideration in the genesis of the MONOGRAPHIC REVIEW/REVISTA MONOGRÁFICA has been the remedying of specific areas of critical neglect. The monographic format was selected because of its combination of the convenience and greater comprehensiveness of book form with the versatility of the periodical. Each number is monographic in its treatment of a single topic while offering a variety of critical viewpoints and methodologies.

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