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Amman, Jordan 2019

Studying abroad in Amman-Jordan was one of the best experiences for my students and for me. As students left their homes to travel to a Middle Eastern country for the first time, they did not only have the opportunity to study Arabic in a completely different region, they also took in the allure and culture of a new land and culture.


Students gained numerous personal and professional experiences. It was very satisfying for me that my students were able to experience what I try to explain to them in the classroom and watch it play out in real life.


They were given the opportunity to practice Arabic with Jordanians, try amazing food, experience different customs and tradition, and had the chance to visit great historical sites.


They rode camels in Petra, which is recognized as the 8th Wonder of the World. They also visited the baptism site of Jesus Christ, the city of Jerash where they visited the ancient Greco - Roman ruins, the Dead Sea, which is lowest spot on earth, and they enjoyed snorkeling among the colorful marine life in the Red Sea. Excursions also included Egypt and the Pyramids, Jerusalem, and Turkey. - Rula Al-Hmoud, Program Director and Instructor

Munich, Germany 2019


On June 2, 2019, sixteen enthusiastic German students and one German Professor converged on the beautiful city of Munich, Germany to participate in the TTU Summer Study-Abroad Program. Over the following four weeks, they experienced personally how the Department of Classical & Modern Languages & Literatures truly is the "gateway to languages and cultures from across the globe." Now in its seventh year, the German Summer Study-Abroad Program takes place in Munich during the first summer session, where they stay with German host families and attend two classes.


The morning course is in German language at the Inlingua Institute and in afternoon, the faculty-led culture course gives them the opportunity to visit important cultural sites in Munich and beyond. The program design allows students to earn 6 course credits while experiencing the language, people and culture first-hand. Highlights from the 2019 Munich program led by Assistant Professor of German, Anita McChesney included personalized tours and presentations in a Mosque and Synagogue, a bus tour to the fairytale castle Neuschwanstein, a memorable hike through the woods to a medieval monastery, and a weekend excursion to Salzburg, Austria to experience the rich cultural traditions of Mozart's birth city.


The program concluded on June 27 with dynamic Power-Point presentations, in which the students displayed what they had learned and experienced. These final presentations demonstrated not only their improved language skills and cultural knowledge, but most importantly, their personal journeys of growth. As one student put it, "I will always look back on my time in Munich. I made many new memories (and friends!). And they will stay with me forever."

Reims, France 2019


During Summer I, twelve students went to Reims, France in a faculty-led program by Dr. Carole Edwards.


Along with their daily classes, all visited the WWI sites Chemin des dames and the Caverne du Dragon, the medieval city of Troyes, the Roman Museum of St Rémi, the Museum of the Surrender (WWII), the Art Deco and fine arts Museum and the gothic cathedral. In Reims, students also attended the Joan of Arc festival, attended two plays, went to a classical music concert at the St Remi basilica, and went on a historical treasure hunt of the city.

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All took five workshops with French champion in slam poetry Laurent Etienne of Slam tribu. Other workshops included cheese tasting, terroir discovery of the Champagne region led by the George Chappaz institute followed by a hike in the French countryside! In Paris students visited many museums such as the Louvre and Orsay.

Seville, Spain Texas Tech Center


Fifty-seven Texas Tech students travelled to Seville, Spain to study Spanish in summer of 2019. This fall, fifteen students studied Spanish at the Texas Tech Center located in Andalucia. There will be forty students studying there in spring of 2020. Excursions to local and nearby Granada, Cordoba, Madrid, Toledo and the beaches of Andalucia provides students with discovery opportunities for this region of Spain.


Semester students have the option to learn the typical dance that is seen at local fairs, weddings, and family parties. In addition, students have Spanish tutors with whom they meet to provide hands-on opportunities for language development as well as cultural adaptation to Spanish life.


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