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Degrees Awarded

Spanish Ph.D.


Maqueda, Cheryl R. (May 2020)
Dissertation title: Heritage and L2 writing processes in individual and collaborative digital storytelling
Dissertation chair: Idoia Elola
Dissertation committee: Raychel Vasseur, Ana Oskoz
Dean's representative: Chahine Nesrine


Rodriguez Padial, Ana (May 2020)
Dissertation title: Spanish heritage learners' cognitive approaches to multimodal writing: a multiple case study with digital storytelling
Dissertation chair: Idoia Elola
Dissertation committee: Ariana Mikulski, Kristen Michelson
Dean's representative: Curtis Bauer

Languages & Cultures Master of Art


  • Abdennebi, Mourad (Applied Linguistics)
  • Akita, Yayoi (Applied Linguistics)
  • Alalyani, Sarah (Applied Linguistics)
  • Alelyani, Abdullah (Applied Linguistics)
  • Arstein, Jakob (Applied Linguistics)
  • Brambila, Yesenia (Classics)
  • Chamunorwa, Lawrence (Classics)
  • Gonzales, Maurice (Classics)
  • Herrera, Blake (German)
  • Kitahashi, Yamato (Applied Linguistics)
  • Oliveira de Paula, Karina (Applied Linguistics)
  • Schiffecker, Sarah (German with Linguistics minor; ED Graduate Certificate, August 2020) Admittance into Ph.D. in Texas Tech Higher Education Research program for fall 2020.

Romance Languages Master of Art

Corpman, Kailey - French

Thesis: "Subalternity and traditional resistance in Francophone Literature and Film"
Thesis chair: Carole Edwards
Thesis committee: Lucas Wood, Peter Barta

Tieperman, Robin E. MA Spanish

Thesis: "¿Cómo está el Pablo?: Examining Definite Article Use with Personal Proper Names in Three Regional Varieties of Spanish"
Dissertation chair: Brendan Regan
Dissertation committee: Idoia Elola, Raychel Vasseur

  • Haney, James P., Spanish
  • Kenessey, Anastasia, French
  • Vazquez, Yzabel L , French
  • Williams, Philip D., Spanish

Languages & Cultures Bachelor of Art

  • Costanza, Sarah M., German
  • Craddock, Benjamin, Russian Language and Area Studies
  • De La Houssaye, Michaela, French
  • Hammil, Maegan, German
  • Kraus, Patricia N. Pratommarath, Russian Language and Area Studies
  • McQueery, Ethan J., Chinese Language & Area Studies
  • Stern, George, French
  • Torrez, Eric M., Chinese Language & Area Studies

Spanish Bachelor of Art

  • Archer, Alexandra E.
  • Bergerson, Briana I.
  • Craddock, Benjamin
  • Davis, Cameron A.
  • Earley, Kaitlin M.
  • Evans, Trevor W.
  • Ferris, Lydia D.
  • Garcia, Anissa I.
  • Loewen, Jocelin S.
  • Moreno, Adelaida
  • Olivares, Mario D.
  • Owen, Christopher K.
  • Parks, Natalie R.
  • Pena, Emily N.
  • Penland, Matthew J.
  • Rosales, Tanya L.
  • Rubio Rayas, Nelly J.
  • Russell, Angela C.
  • Savidge, Kristin N.
  • Strange, David N.
  • Woolsey, Amelia A.
  • Zhu, Christina

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Awards and Recognitions


Alec Cattell, Assistant Professor of Practice, Humanities and Applied Linguistics, is the recipient of the 2019 TLPDC Spotlight Award


Susan Larson, Qualia Professor of Spanish, was awarded the Barnie E. Rushing, Jr. Faculty Distinguished Research Award in the Social Science, Humanities, and Creative Arts Disciplines for 2020 from the Texas Tech Parents Association. This award has a three phased selection process. First, the colleges make the initial nominations. Then, the nominees are evaluated by a committee comprised of the Associate Deans for Research on quality of scholarship, quality of publications or creative works, and quality of the reference letters. Finally, two nominees are submitted to the Texas Tech Parents Association who will make the final decision. Recipients of this award receive an honorarium of $3000 and an engraved University medallion.


Kate Brooke, Spanish Foundations Online Coordinator, received the President's Excellence in Teaching Award. She has done a fantastic job creating the first two years of Spanish on-line. She is one of the top 500 most active Flipgrid educators (out of over 1,000,000 educators) and received the pictured badge upon notification of the award.

Phi Beta Kappa Awardees in CMLL

Phi Beta Kappa is the nation's oldest and most prestigious honor society. It is an active chapter here at Texas Tech, especially because it's one of the markers for Carnegie R1 status.

Irina Drigalenko, Instructor of Russian, Named 2020 Honored Faculty Member.


Irina Drigalenko is named by this year's elected Phi Beta Kappa student members as a faculty member who was most influential in their academic and intellectual development.

Maya Sara Susan Rossy
Maya Edwards Sara Guengerich Susan Larson Rossy Lima


Raychel Vasseur, Assistant Professor of Spanish, Director of Spanish Foundations, was selected for the Research Spotlight on Texas Tech Women Faculty Initiative for 2020, honoring her excellence in research, scholarship, creative activity, teaching and her above and beyond mentoring. This initiative is part of Women's History Month celebrations, which took place in March, co-sponsored by the Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, the Women's and Gender Studies Program, and the Office of Research and Innovation.

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Graduate Student Summer Residency


Yerko Sepulveda will be one of three students completely sponsored by the TTU Humanities Center to attend the Graduate Student Summer Residency for summer 2020! The summer residency is titled Passionate Teaching in a Research Environment: How to Create Meaningful Online Learning Experiences and is a 5-day virtual residency to discuss best-practices for undergraduate teaching in a digital world and connect him with top humanities scholars and teachers from across the U.S.

2020 Helen DeVitt Jones Excellence in Graduate Teaching Award

  • Kailey Corpman, MA Romance Languages-French
  • Gilberto Gil, PhD, Spanish Linguistics

Arts & Humanities Graduate Student Research Conference

This conference provides a venue for our graduate students to showcase their work and bring a heightened awareness of and appreciation for the arts and humanities to our university, community and beyond. The conference brings together a rich array of work that displays the dynamic talent and creativity of our students.

CMLL Awardees Fall 2019 First Place Recipients by Panel
Lawrence Chamunorwa, MA Languages & Cultures-Classics - Literary Analysis

Good Neighbor Scholarship, sponsored by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board
Missael Duarte, Ph.D., Spanish

Second Place Recipients by Panel
Yamato Kitahashi, MA Languages & Cultures-Applied Linguistics - Instruction and Learning
Sarah Schiffecker, MA Languages & Cultures-German - Sociocultural Issues

TTU Doctoral Completion Fellowship
David Foshee, PhD Spanish



Maya Edwards, PhD Spanish student , whose talk is titled, "#HerToo1887 and Fake News!: Current Themes in Nineteenth Century Short Fiction by Emilia Pardo Bazán" presented at the monthly meeting for Texas Tech (LSJE) Literature of Social Justice and the Environment Brown Bag on January 31, 2020.

Her paper was selected for the highly selective II Symposium of the Asociación Internacional de Galdosistas to be held at Dartmouth College. Only 18 papers are selected internationally.

She was invited to participate in the celebration of the birth of Benito Pérez Galdós, organized by the Pérez Galdós House-Museum and the Council of Culture in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Canary Islands. The digital homage, "Somos Galdós/ We are Galdós," will be shared online May 10th. This celebration is particularly important, as this year has been deemed the year of Galdós, marking 100 years since the death of one of Spain's most prolific writers.

She was named by Phi Beta Kappa student members as a faculty member who was most influential in their academic and intellectual development and was nominated for an award from Texas Tech Mortar Board 2020 chapter.

Virtual Poster Exhibition Showcases Undergraduate Research - May 4-8, 2020


As part of the Global Readiness Through Language and Culture project, sponsored by the Texas Tech Center for Global Communication, CMLL hosted a virtual poster exhibition in which undergraduate students of Chinese, French, German, Korean, and Spanish presented their research in posters created during the Spring 2020 semester. The 33 posters exhibited in four galleries were evaluated by a team of independent judges using the TTU QEP Global Communication Rubric, and 11 students received a scholarship award to recognize their outstanding achievements. Congratulations to all participants on a job well done!

Poster Gallery

Conferences and Symposiums Presentations by CMLL Graduate Students

The 52nd Annual Comparative Literature Symposium – Indigeneity
Zachary G. Brandner, Ph.D. Candidate, Spanish, Texas Tech University, "Bodily Practices and Reclaimed (Her)stories in Contemporary Yucatec Narratives"

2020 CALICHE Conference "Speaking Languages, Speaking Cultures: Linguistic and Cultural Diversity in a Globalized World"

CMLL Presenters


  • Dr. Alec Cattell, Weijung Huang, Yerko Sepulvida (Panel Presentation) - " Preparing Students to Address Global Challenges through the Study of Languages & Cultures"
  • Kailey Corpman, "Ousaman Sembe's La Noire de...Cultural Resistance and Legitimacy"
  • Irina Lavrova, "Body Conceptualization Patterns in L2 Learners of Russian"
  • Aleksei Proskurin, "Processing Verb Aspect Acquisition in L2 Learners of Russian"

2020 Classics Research Forum – March 4, 2020
Yesenia Brambila, Classics MA Program, "Where do the dead go? Places of the Afterlife in Sophocles' Oedipus Tyrannus,151-215"

2020 Céfiro Conference "Literatures, cultures, languages: interdisciplinary dialogues in the Humanities and beyond"

Afrocuban Literature : Perspectives on the Yoruba cosmovision

  • Gilberto Garcia - El papel de la mujer dentro de la religion Yoruba en la poesía de Georgina Herrera
  • Verónica Morales - Maria Antonia: Erótica, violenta y rebelde; Transgresiones dentro de la religión Yoruba que la condenarán a muerte
  • Arturo Ramirez - El chulo y sus tres mujeres: La semiótica teatral de Shangó en Réquiem por Yarini, de Carlos Felipe

Chicano Literature Visions

  • Omar González - Los cuerpos dóciles mexicanoamericanxs en la obra "Los Vendidos": de los años 1960 al presente y el impacto perjudicial en la formación de la identidad mexicoamericanx en el ambiente estadounidense.
  • Cecilia Palacio - Brujería o intuición: la esencia femenina chicana a través del crimen en la serie Gloria Damasco de Lucha Corpi

Latin-American Literature

  • Carlos Cornejo - Decisiones: Poder de elección de Erdosain en Los Siete Locos
  • Nicolas Spencer - El Señor Presidente de Miguel Angel Asturias: La Angustia de Vivir Bajo una Dictadura
  • Omar González - La disputa del poder en Love Story de Elena Poniatowska
  • Dora Aranda - Rafael Leonidas Trujillo: The Hegemonic Masculinity in Junot Diaz's Work

O porco no quarto: Visões diversas de uma obra-prima da literatura angolana

  • Gilberto Garcia - O corpo do delito em Quem me dera ser onda
  • Verónica Morales - Porquinhos: Como veículos de uma queixa distópica em Quem me dera ser onda e A revolução dos bichos
  • Arturo Ramirez - Epítetos do porco: intimidade e semântica em Quem me dera ser onda, de Manuel Rui

Pedagogical Approaches

  • Yerko Sepúlveda - Analyzing Cultures of Power in the Language, Culture and Literature
  • Arturo Ramírez - El chulo y sus tres mujeres: La semióti

Peninsular Literature: El Quijote

  • Carlos Cornejo - Rocinante y el Rucio: Fusión entre la realidad y la literatura
  • Verónica Morales - El adoctrinamiento y paralenguaje a través de los rituales en Don Quijote de la Mancha
  • Jasmin Euceda - Don Quijote de la Mancha: Una mirada a la lujuria a través de los personajes de Fernando, Altisidora y el Prisionero

Portuguese Lusophone Literature

  • Missael Duarte - Geometria, visualidade e o instante poético em O Mistério da Beleza
  • Cecilia Palacio - Do uso de "TÚ" de Portugal ao uso de "VOCÊ" do Brasil: a linguagem de Peri e Ceci como simbolismo da identidade linguística brasileira no romance O Guarani de Alencar
  • Manuel Martin –O doppelgänger, o narcisismo e a sociedade patriarcal em O homem duplicado

Sociolinguistics & Linguistic Variation

  • Gilberto Garcia - Estudio acústico y fonético: "Variación dialectal en la producción de la fricativa prepalatal sorda [ ʃ ]"
  • Daniel Román (Texas Tech University) Español y Tzotzil en contacto en los altos de Chiapas
  • Vicente Iranzo & Antonio Tudela (Texas Tech University & CUNY) -Mecanismos de invisibilización de la lengua valenciana en el contexto educativo español
  • Gilberto Garcia & Verónica Morales (Texas Tech University) Estudio acústico y fonético: "La producción y percepción de diptongos del español en hablantes bilingües"

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