Texas Tech University

Carla Burrus

Graduate Program Coordinator

Areas of Responsibility

  • Undergraduate Advisor and Scheduler for ASL, French, German, & Italian
  • Undergraduate Advisor for Study Abroad pre-approval and credits approval for French, German, & Italian
  • Advisor to international prospective students
  • Coordinator of the International Teaching Assistant Workshop
  • Assists with departmental promotion and publicity
  • Editor of the CMLL Newsletter

Personal Information

Advising undergraduate students provides Carla the opportunity to heighten students' cultural awareness, to facilitate students in learning how language plays an important role in career choices in a global economy. Her years of experience working in France enable her to encourage international students' adaptation to their new environment and this interaction provides personal continual cultural enrichment. As Editor of the CMLL News, she appreciates a creative opportunity and collaboration with CMLL faculty, staff, students, and alumni.

She earned a B.S. in Education from McMurry University and a M.A. in Romance Languages-French from Texas Tech University.

An avid advocate for education and literacy for everyone, Carla, founder of an education –based non-profit organization with its mission to promote literacy and education in places with high rates of illiteracy, has coordinated teachers' conferences in Haiti, provided literacy curriculum and promoted free literacy classes for everyone. In addition to establishing the first public library primarily in French in rural LaLane, Haiti in collaboration with educators in France and Lubbock, the non-profit organization organized a small library for the homeless residents of Tent City, Lubbock and sent numerous cartons to West, Texas for the reestablishment of the elementary school library that was destroyed in the terrible explosion.

Classical & Modern Languages & Literatures

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    CMLL Building, 2906 18th St, Lubbock, TX 79409
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