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Engineering Minors

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In today's marketplace, engineering jobs often require knowledge of multiple disciplines. Employers need versatile people with multiple skill sets to perform tasks in an interconnected workplace. Computer programmers need to prepare budgets, petroleum engineers need knowledge of construction practices and mechanics, and all varieties of engineers may end up in a management role. By obtaining a minor in another field, you can show future employers you have taken the initiative to gain working knowledge of another discipline. The Whitacre College of Engineering has enabled you to do just that with several specialized minors and certificates in fields such as Bioengineering and Wind Energy. Our programs are designed to help you showcase the diversity of your capabilities and interests, and can give you a leg up in a difficult job market.

Engineering Minors

Approval for Minor Form

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Departmental Minors

Aside from our specialized minors, each department in the Whitacre College of Engineering also offers minors for students studying any field at Texas Tech University. Each department has their own requirements, so take a look at the Texas Tech University Catalog and make an appointment to visit a Departmental Advisor for more information about the programs and courses offered.

Engineering Minor

If you are a student enrolled in an academic program outside of the Whitacre College of Engineering, we also offer an Engineering minor, which you can tailor to fit your specific needs and interests. This minor consists of a minimum of 18 hours of engineering coursework and at least six hours at the junior level or above (3000- or 4000-level courses). The Academic Dean of the Whitacre College of Engineering needs to approve all programs for this minor, but students should feel free to explore any and all of the diverse programs offered in the college.