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Distinguished Engineer Photo: Charles H. Feltz
Charles H. Feltz

Charles H. Feltz

Distinguished Engineer



Mechanical Engineering – 1940



At Time of Nomination in 1967

Charles Feltz, a native of Dumas, Texas, has carried the name of Texas Tech University far afield, and has brought prestige to himself, his family, his alma mater, and his state.

In 1940, he received a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Texas Tech. During World War II Mr. Feltz made significant contributions in aeronautical design. He served on such projects as the P–Si and B–25; later on the 8–45 and the famed F–86 Sabre Jet, and on the United States’ first supersonic operational aircraft, the F–100 Super Sabre.

In 1961, Charles Feltz identified himself with the Apollo Program, moving from the post of chief engineer and assistant program manager to that of deputy program manager, with responsibilities of planning and directing the development and fabrication of the Apollo Command Service Module. He also served as alternate to the program manager in management activities.

Mr. Feltz has applied his knowledge in mechanical engineering with impressive originality and perceptivity, as exemplified in his work as project engineer on X–15, which included the design and development of the research rocket aircraft and its overall program management.

Texas Tech University cherishes its role of fostering the gifts of intellect and character with which Charles Feltz was endowed, and takes pride in conferring on him the designation: DISTINGUISHED ENGINEER.

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