Texas Tech University

COVID-19 Policies and Procedures in Engineering Buildings

COVID-19 Policies and Procedures in Engineering Buildings

1. All people entering an Engineering Building must wear a mask and maintain social distances (6 Ft) at all times

2. Do not enter any Engineering Building until 3 minutes before your class is scheduled to begin, and you must enter through a designated door(exception for ADA compliance) and maintain social distancing (see signs on exterior doors to identify entrance and exit doors)

3. Leave through an designated door. Signage will indicate traffic directions; you are required to follow that signage (except in the case of a fire or emergency, leave from the closest door)

4. All classrooms have assigned seating and students are to sit in the same seat every class, as well as wipe off their seat, desk, and equipment (wipes provided) when they enter each classroom, and prior to leaving each classroom

5. No eating or drinking in any common areas or the classrooms, and no loitering in buildings

6. Stay 9 ft from the instructor(s)

7. Students will be dismissed row by row starting immediately at the class scheduled ending time. That gives 10 mins to clear the room.

8. In case of inclement weather (e.g., rain or snow) students can form orderly lines, in the buildings, while maintaining the proper 6 ft distancing right up to the classroom door

Breaking any of these rules may result in your class being delayed or canceled!