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TAO Self-Help is a platform of tools and information organized into self-help programs with engaging videos and exercises to help you learn a variety of cognitive-behavioral (CBT) and mindfulness-based skills.

PLEASE NOTE: The resources presented below are informational and intended as an aid in understanding the topics presented, but are not intended as a substitute for assistance from a qualified mental health professional.

Who is eligible for TAO Self Help ?

All TTU students are eligible for TAO Self-Help. You just need a Raider email address. TAO self-help is a great choice if you would like help, but you either don't have time to come to the Student Counseling Center or want to learn at your own pace.

Benefits of TAO Self-Help:

  • You will have access to highly effective therapeutic modules 24/7.
  • You can sign up any time of day or night, and without having to travel to the Student Counseling Center.
  • Immediate access to helpful information.
  • TAO is an interactive, web-based program that provides guided activities to help overcome anxiety, depression and other common concern
  • TAO is based on well-researched and highly effective strategies for helping anxiety, depression and other common concerns. 

TAO allows you to get effective treatment when your schedule or like makes it hard to get to the Student Counseling Center. 

Check out a sample TAO session at this link: Preview of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. 


Need help with where to start?

Here are the steps to get you started in TAO:

  1. In your browser window (Chrome or Firefox), navigate to us.taoconnect.org/register
  2. Once you enter your university email address, you will be redirected to your institution's login page.
  3. Enter current credentials for TTU.
  4. Leave the 'Enrollment Key' field blank. Fill out the demographics and informed consent form, and click 'Sign Me Up!'
  5. Check your email. You will be sent a confirmation link which you must click on before signing in.

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