Texas Tech University

Off Campus Safety

Remember the three rules to personal safety:

  1. Be aware and stay alert. Know where you are at all times, who is in front and behind you, and do not be afraid to ask for help.
  2. Exude calmness and confidence. Make eye contact and have purpose in your walk.
  3. Trust your instincts. If you sense that something is wrong or you feel uncomfortable in a situation, then leave.

When at Home

  • Report any suspicious activity to the Lubbock Police Department Non-emergency - 775-2865 Emergency - 911 or 763-5333
  • All doors and windows should remain locked at all times.
  • Do not prop open your door, even if you are waiting for friends.
  • Never leave keys outside, hidden or not. Do not leave notes on your door, mail in your mailbox or newspapers on your doorsteps.
  • Have people identify themselves before opening the door. Ask repair and service personnel for official identification and the request for service should be confirmed. Have delivery persons wait outside.
  • Keep the blind, drapes, or curtains closed at night.
  • Leave the radio on and at least one light when you leave the house.
  • Use outdoor lighting and regularly check for proper working conditions.
  • Do not leave items of value unattended; keep them in a safe and locked area.
  • Always keep your car locked and valuables out of sight. Check under the vehicle and in the back seat before entering your car.
  • If a stranger asks for help, do not open the front door. Call police or make the phone call for them.
  • Upon returning home, if you suspect or see signs that someone has forcibly entered your home, do not go inside. Get back in your car and drive away, go to a neighbor's house, or go to the nearest public phone or store. Call the police immediately.
  • Keep a list of valuables in case of theft. Record the serial identification numbers of DVD and CD players, stereos, radios, computers, and jewelry. Take photos and include detailed descriptions.
  • Do not tolerate obscene or repeat phone calls. Call the police.
  • Use deadbolt locks with a one inch throw on all of the entrance doors.
  • Install secondary locking devices on all windows.
  • Keep trees and shrubbery trimmed to eliminate hiding spots.

When walking alone

  • Use well-lit streets that are busy with traffic or people, even if it increases your walking distance.
  • Never take shortcuts through alleys, parking lots, parks, between houses, railroad lots, and any areas where you cannot escape or find help.
  • If someone stops you and asks for directions, step as far away as possible from the person or vehicle to avoid being grabbed or tackled.
  • If you sense that you are being followed, cross the street and head towards people and well-lit areas or go the other direction.
  • If you are being followed by a vehicle, run in the opposite direction and head towards people and well-lit areas.
  • When returning to your car or home, have your key out and ready to open the door. Check under the vehicle and in the back seat before entering your car. Immediately lock the doors behind you.
  • Carry your cell phone with you when you are walking. You could need it to call for help.
  • Carry a whistle to attract attention, if the need arises.

Lubbock Police Department

Office of the Dean of Students