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Literature, Social Justice, and Environment

Protester with sign that states "Save Our Future"The minor in Literature, Social Justice, and the Environment (LSJE) provides a structured program that allows students to benefit from the creative possibilities of interdisciplinary research.

Because of its interdisciplinary nature, LSJE minor compliments many majors and allows students to investigate course committed to empowering them as responsible and conscientious global citizens. This minor is intended to engage students with the most important contemporary developments in the study of race, gender, sexuality, global studies, and the natural environment. The program offers the freedom to explore diverse interdisciplinary approaches while developing a global consciousness rooted in a broad, yet practical understanding of the institutions that shape our human efforts.

Core courses in the Department of English focus on issues of social justice within the context of specific cultures and peoples. Within the LSJE curriculum, students may further explore discourse ranging from the gendered politics of the world of sports to historical treatments of nature and identity. They may choose to focus on topics of environmental ethics, political philosophy, and international politics. The program is flexible and adaptable to each student's needs.

Students should consult with the director, Dr. Cordelia Barrera, concerning course selection and progress toward the minor.


The LSJE minor requires 18 credit hours, 6 of which are required ENGL courses. No more than two courses from any department or program may count toward the minor. The College of Arts and Sciences requires that at least 9 hours be from upper-division courses.

Required Courses

Choose 6 hours (2 courses) from the following:

Department Course Number Course Title Frequency Prerequisite
English 2310 Literature, Social Justice, and the Environment   ENGL 1301 & ENGL 1302
English 2391 Introduction to Literary Studies Every semester, multiple sections ENGL 1301 &1302
English 3390 Literature of the Southwest Varies 3 hours Soph. English
English 3392 African American Literature Varies 3 hours Soph. English
English 3393 Latina/o Literature Varies 3 hours Soph. English
English 3394 Asian American Literature Varies 3 hours Soph. English
English 3395 Native American Literature Varies 3 hours Soph. English
English 3387 Multicultural Literatures of America Yearly, offered onlin 3 hours Soph. English
English 3382/ WS 3382 Women Writers Every 2 years 3 hours Soph. English

Electives in the College of Arts & Sciences

Choose 12 hours (4 course) from the following:

* indicates the course must be taught by the instructor(s) in the right column to include the appropriate material for the minor

Department Course Number Course Title Frequency Prerequisite
Psychology 3398 Ethnic Minority Psych At least once per academic year PSYC 1300; Junior Standing
Political Science 2361 International Politics Every semester; including online None
History 3322 Women in Early America Yearly None
History 3323/WS3323 Women in Modern America Yearly None
History 3327 Nature and History in America Semi-regularly; once every 2 years Junior Standing
History 4329 Race, Identity, and Citizenship in the US Yearly Junior standing OR Consent of Prof.
Sports Management 3352 Gender Issues in Sports Yearly; including online None
Economics 3336 Environmental Economics Fall semester C or higher in ECO 3311 and ECO 3312
Anthropolgy 1301 Understanding Multicultural America Multiple sections per year None
Anthropology 2204 Global Forces & Local People Multiple sections per year None
Sociology 3323 Race & Ethnicity   None
Sociology 3337/WS 3337 Inequalities in America Fall, every 2 years None

Outside Arts and Sciences, up to 1 course

Students in the minor can take up to 3 hours outside of the College of Arts and Sciences:

Department Course Number Course Title Frequency Prerequisite
Creative Media Industries 3355 Ethnicity, Race, & Gender Yearly Junior standing
Family & Consumer Sci. 4325 US Family Issues & Social Action Yearly 2.5 GPA; C or higher in ENGL 1302; Consent of Prof.
Women's Studies 2305 Intersectionalities: Race, Class, Gender in a Global World Spring Semester, Online None
Women's Studies 4310 Feminist Thought and Theories Spring Semesters Junior standing; Consent of Prof.
Environment & Humanities 3300 Research Methods: Writing the Natural World Yearly None
Environment & Humanities 2302 Literature of Place Yearly None