Texas Tech University

Locally Funded Projects

The Departmental Allocation Funding Committee was formed to enable faculty to submit proposals for support of small projects that may not have other funding sources, projects of immediate need or even seed money for future larger projects. These funds can be used for research, outreach, teaching, student support and student organizations. Committee members serve 2 year terms:


The following proposals have been funded.

Department Funding Abstract (Ancell, Arseneau)- Fall 2023

The AceCAST software will be licensed from a private company, TempoQuest, to run the weather research and forecasting model (WRF) on the TTU HPCC Matador graphics processing unit (GPU) cluster. This is the only known WRF code capable of running in full GPU mode, and it will support the bulk of Isaac Arseneau's PhD research. At a cost of $0.25 per GPU-hour, the GPU-WRF capability will allow nearly 30,000 simulations, substantially increasing experimental capacity relative to the currently available WRF framework (roughly increasing simulation capacity by 10 times). The resulting research is expected to provide unprecedented fundamental knowledge to understand the nature of observation targeting for high-impact weather forecasts. It will likely be the first time simulations will fully describe forecast impacts in a fully nonlinear fashion, in contrast to the approximated linear methods that have been required in past work with slower CPUs. We expect this not only to provide insight into the utility of linear methods, but to reveal the usefulness of GPU computing cores to tackle very large atmospheric modeling problems in reasonable amounts of time.