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Colloquium Schedule


Fall 2019 Schedule

Sept. 27       Tom Lehman

                   “Geology of the Llano Estacado (a review for those new to the High Plain)”

Oct. 4          William Asquith

                    “Data Mining and Statistical Informatics with GAMs and SVMs to Predict                           Water  Levels for the Mississippi River Valley Alluvial Aquifer”

Oct. 25        Joshua Feinberg

                   “Beyond paleomagnetism: What magnetic minerals tell us about pollution,                      biology, archaeology, and climate change.”

Nov. 1         Matt Siebecker

Nov. 8         Greg Dumond

                    “Sediments Lurking in the Deep: Recycling and Differentiation of the                               Continental Crust.”

Nov. 15       Seiichi Nagihara

                   “Geophysical experiments conducted on the lunar surface: Apollo and                              beyond”


Please join us in Science 234 at 3:30 pm for guest lectures and light refreshments.